By John P. Lopez

615- Week 2 NFL Power Rankings
630- … Top 3
645- You think you know how good JJ Watt has been? Well, I charted every play from the Jags game, and he’s been even better than you thought… Plus, where’s Reed, Barwin and Mercilus been?
700- This story infuriates me… Some fans got big brass ones, man. You can’t walk up to another man, tell him he sucks, and then go whine to a radio show when he calls you and asshole.
730- JOHN MCCLAIN… Mario Williams has a new cereal out… I want to talk to McClain about Mario, because I can’t quite get the pulse of the fans on this one.
745- JOHN MCCLAIN… NO HUDDLE…  You notice how no one is noticing Wes Welker. He’s in Belicheck’s doghouse, they aren’t building an offense around him, and all of a sudden, he’s back to being Wes Welker….  Brandon Weeden! 26-37, 322 yards and no picks!…
800- JOHN MCCLAIN… Let’s get John’s thoughts on the scabs… And here’s the detail that B-Straw referred to yesterday “Under those numbers, the NFL contributed $44,167 per man to the 120 officials’ pensions in 2011, and would contribute $16,667 per man in 2012. That’s a difference of $27,500 per man.
“When we were hired,” said referee Scott Green, a member of the officials’ negotiating team, “we were told, ‘Here’s what the compensation is, and here’s what the pension is.’ We don’t think it’s fair to have such a major give-back without being able to negotiate that at all.”
            -Also, I’d like to get John’s thoughts on the end of the Bucs/Giants game. And what the “unwritten” rules of the NFL are and if he thinks they should have any unwritten rules
815- JOHN MCCLAIN… What does John think of our Power Rankings… Who are his Top 5 teams in the NFL?
830- JOHN MCCLAIN… JEFF KENT joins us to talk Biggio, Clemens, etc.
845- JOHN MCCLAIN… Broncos-Texans… What do the Texans need to do? What do they need to clean up? Does John think it’s too early to be “scoreboard” watching the Patriots and Ravens, sotospeak. … And this is no good for the Broncos, Peyton’s arm strength:
915-STRAW POLL brought to you by Comcast SportsNet
930- GREGG DOYEL from on the scabs and general NFL thoughts
945- SHINER Whiner Line…  Wingstop 2 Minute  Drill… Handoff to Mike and Brad

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