By John P. Lopez

Get your bets in now. Here are some Proposition Bets — many of which you won’t find in Las Vegas — for the upcoming weekend of football.

My picks will be in boldface.

1) Marc Vandermeer will call J.J. Watt, at least once during the game, “J.J. Swatt.” — Absolutely yes.

2) Arian Foster will do his tribute bow Over/Under — 1,5. Under. He’s been sick and Matt Schaub probably will have a better day.

3) Jags running back Maurice Jones-Drew Over/Under rushing yards — 90-yards. Over.  Wish I cuold say different, but until further notcie the Texans rush defense needs help.

4) Kareem Jackson will give up a 25-plus yard completion. Yes/No. Yes. The scouting report is out on Kareem and Gabbert will not look toward Jonathan Joseph’s side.

5) Brian Cushing will bleed. Yes/No. Absolutely yes. Given the run-defense struggles and that Cushing is a bleeder, it’s a given. Bet the ranch.

6) Over/Under on Texans sacks of Blaine Gabbert is 2.5:  Over.  The Jaguars’ O-line is better than you think, but I’m guessing Connor Barwin will have a huge game. And J.J. Watt is J.J. Watt.

7) Trindon Holliday will fumble/bobble at least one return. Yes.  Wish it could be different, but the nerves and pressure figure to get to him. Hopefully, a big return will fix all that.


Nick Saban will have an uncomfortable moment with a sideline reporter? Yes.

UH will give up 200-plus yards rushing? Yes. UCLA running back Johnathan Franklin is the nation’s leading rusher and has surpassed the 200-yard plateau twice in two games. This could get ugly.

J.J. Watt will have more sacks than the Astros wins this weekend — Um, yeah. Astros will have ZERO wins.



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