Detailing Schaub’s contract. Pig out foods. Complete college & NFL analysis, J. Joseph & D. Manning.

615- Let’s talk some college football… A&M: The Good- Looks like you got a QB, and nothing is more important than that… The Bad- The 2 nd half looks a heckuva lot like it did in 2011…

-Also, hate the way the first half started (leaving 4 points on the board, 1 st and Goal from the 6 and called 3 incomplete passes) and ended (sacked, knocked out of FG range)…

-Other college football of note (non-locally)—LA Monroe beats Arkansas and Oregon St. beats Wisconsin… How did those happen?

630- Top 3… I was thinking we could do something using this story as the impetus: The Ryan brothers are the best.


700- Matt Schaub’s contract extension… Florio gets into the nitty gritty http://profootballtalk.’s basically a 30 million dollar deal for the next 2 seasons, with almost all of it guaranteed, and then a year by year contract for the next 3 seasons… Give the alternative was the franchise tag and then the elevated salary, this was a GREAT MOVE, if you think Schaub is an above average NFL QB…

-LET’S BRING BACK Florio’s statement from Friday on Schaub and that he’s about the 15 th best QB in the NFL… I have him 12 th : Brady > Rogers > Brees > Peyton > Eli > Big Ben > Romo > Rivers > Stafford > Ryan > Cam > Schaub > Vick > Cutler > Flacco > A Smith > Sanchez > Dalton… 16 th would mean you have all the guys that I have ahead of him + Vick, Cutler, Flacco and 1 other…

715 & 730- AROUND THE NFL FOR THE NEXT TWO SEGMENTS… Touching on the following stories…

-One of the few bright spots for Philly? Demeco Ryans, on the field for 97% of the snaps We can bring this a bigger discussion on the Eagles and Vick, because if you ask me, this year will be the harbinger for his career as a whole…

-The Bills are without Fred Jackson for the next month plus, and looked like a complete mess here’s my question, I know it’s just a week, but does anyone want to buy into the Jets with me? Please tell me, who are going to be the 5 th and 6 th playoff teams in the AFC? Tough to find two without going with the Jets unless you love the Steelers AND the Chargers

-Jake Locker expected to be back week 2 But more importantly, this division is 0-3… Jaguars looked better than expected and STILL lost to the Vikings… Colts look just awful on defense and at the offensive line… And it’s tough to take too much from the Titans game, as the Patriots are just great, but Chris Johnson just isn’t a scary runner anymore, at least not to me.

-Here’s my Week 1 Power Rankings: 1-Patriots 2-49ers 3-Ravens 4- Texans 5- Broncos 6-Cowboys 7-Packers 8- Bears 9- Falcons 10- Jets…

745- NO HUDDLE… The risk of playing out the franchise tag …I don’t know how I missed this yesterday, but Brandon Weeden and the American flag … And maybe my favorite coach quote of all time


900- Let’s revisit Matt Schaub’s contract (in practical fashion it’s about 30 million for this year and next, and then the team’s choice from year to year after that)… What would the financials of the franchise tag have been? This year it was 14.4M for the franchise tag at QB (for LB it was 8.8M by the way in regards to Barwin moving forward)…

915- STRAW MAN ON CAMPUS… Let’s at least briefly touch back on A&M v Florida, plus Rice beating KU and that SOB Charlie Weis!

930- Do we really have to talk about this? Blech… I would MUCH rather talk about this: The Ryan brothers are the best.



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