HOUSTON (CBS Houston) – I’ve never been on the set of a reality TV show. That being said, I imagine you don’t always get the full picture of what really goes on behind the scenes.

But there’s no hiding for the Miami Dolphins. After five episodes of Hard Knocks you can only draw one conclusion:

This team is an abomination.

They lost all four of their pre-season games. And while those games weren’t life and death, not once did first time head coach Joe Philbin seem pleased with his squad.

Last night on Hard Knocks, you saw his anger boil over at halftime of the finale against Dallas.

“Let me tell you what. That’s bull*** that 30 minutes right there,” screamed Philbin. “We got penalties, laziness, they’re outworking us every god **** play. That’s embarassing, that’s a god **** embarassment.”

After the 30-13 defeat was in the books, the eruption continued.

“We got out-coached, and we got outplayed, and we got out-hustled in every phase of the game,” yelled the rookie head coach. “That can never happen again. I don’t think I’ve ever been as disappointed in a football game in a hell of a long time. I don’t give a **** what the score is, it’s the way we looked and the way we played.”

It’s been a constant theme for the Dolphins on Hard Knocks. Disappointment. Definitely not the way you want to look heading into a season opener on the road against a playoff team.

“We gotta improve a hell of a lot guys,” finished Philbin. “You know it and I know it. Those are the facts.”

That’s a tall order. Miami is starting rookie Ryan Tannehill at quarterback. While he has promise, you can’t expect a lot out of a guy who’ll be throwing to a bunch of scrubs at wide receiver. Especially when his first NFL game will be against last year’s second ranked defense.

If any of the Texans have been keeping up on the show – and I’m imagining at least some have – they’ve got to be licking their chops. Because the Dolphins appear well on their way to the worst record in football

Owen Daniels told me yesterday he’d seen a bit of the show, but that he needed to catch up a bit. I asked him if you can really take anything out of what you see on Hard Knocks. He had an interesting answer.

“You just get a feel for the team while your watching that show,” said Daniels. “The confidence, or lack there of if there is around there.”

If WE can see how downtrodden the Dolphins have looked during each game, you KNOW that the Texans have got to smell blood in the water – even if they’re too careful to acknowledge it publicly. A team without confidence is a team without a chance. That’s exactly the case for Houston’s season opening date with Miami Sunday. Expect a slaughter.

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