The most pressure you ever felt? Ted Johnson’s Hard Knocks review. And hopelessness

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But first, I’ve got a plan to get Tom Flores into the Hall of Fame.

615- Can you imagine being Trindon Holliday today? Knowing that if you drop one punt or kickoff, your NFL dream is likely over?…

-Speaking of Trindon, I heard J & R yesterday set his over/under at return TDs at 3.5. 3.5!!! I think a better over/under is .5… Let’s discuss.

630- TOP 3…

645- The latest in the officials standoff…The NFL says they will be using replacement refs in Week 1… The NFL ADMITS that they haven’t made a SINGLE offer since the lockout began. In other words, take it or leave it guys…

ALSO… Our NFL Awards: MVP, Offensive and Defensive Rookie of the Year, Defensive Player of the year… MVP Peyton Manning… Rookie of the Year Offense- Trent Richardson… Defensive Rookie of the Year-Chandler Jones.

700- Who has helped themselves the most this preseason for the Texans? Who has hurt themselves the most? Most impressive? Most disappointing?


730- Doc Kenneth R First.

745- NO HUDDLE… Sonny Jurgenson needs to STFU … I’ve read Posnanski’s book, now. And I can say this definitively-complete piece of crap… Arrests rate goes up, your winning % goes up in college football, just how it is

800- TED JOHNSON… Ted’s been watching hard knocks, and wants to talk about players being cut and the impact on those players’ teammates…

-Also, even though he’s never been cut, what were the training camps/preseasons like when you thought you MIGHT get cut?

-Speaking of Hard Knocks a lot of people are shocked that Tannehill doesn’t know the divisional alignment AUDIO (Mike and Brad used it yesterday)… What percentage of pro football players are actually NFL fans?

815- TED JOHNSON… Let’s talk Tight Ends on offensive linemen with Ted.

-Speaking of Tight Ends, with Ted’s thoughts on the position, does it make sense for Houston to inquire about Chris Cooley?

-And why does Ted think the offensive line is the most important unit on a team?

830- TED JOHNSON… What characteristics DOES a head coach need to be great? Because I watch Joe Philbin and say, sorry, I can’t be inspired to run through a wall for him. Just can’t. Is that necessary, though?

845- TED JOHNSON… Dez Bryant—Is asking for help accepted in an NFL locker room? How will Dez be accepted?

-And, let’s talk some Texans here as well…

900- Let’s revisit our discussion from 645 on replacement refs and we can give our award picks again if you guys would like…


930- What NFL city right now is the most hopeless? It has been SO fun to be here in Houston talking about a team that is a legit super bowl contender… What city has it been the roughest to do NFL talk about the local team this year? Cuz I think there is one CLEAR winner in each conference, the most HOPELESS team in each conference. We’ll discuss.

945- Shiner Whiner Line… Wingstop 2 Minute Drill… Handoff to Mike and Brad… And of course there is this

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