The Expenda-Bulls? WWSBD? Can’t-miss takes from Doc First and Ted Johnson


600- HEADLINES … John has convinced Anna-Megan to do something that may get them both fired.

I’ve got to complain about this “hazing” coverage in regards to the Giants and Prince Amukamara…

615- Young QB  They didn’t used to play immediately, like none of them did… and now essentially ALL of them are doing it… Not sure what to make of it.

630- …TOP 3 … We’ll get to the Texans angle,. But in a general sense, what are the Top Three things you JUST CANNOT DO WITHOUT.

645- Where could MJD go that would scare you? What team that is a potential contender could get him and take them over the top? If you’re the Patriots, wouldn’t you give up just about anything for him? Giants, Detroit, Green Bay, Denver, San Diego… Uh, Nick, you forgot one that would ruin EVERYONE’S day.

700- Texans have a big question at NT, but it aint cuz Sunny Harris went out. …

-And Andre being sued for Child Support? I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt, but there aren’t very more things that are more unredeemable than not taking care of your kids…

Also, Irreplaceable Texans… This list says it’s just Andre

715- I want to talk about if you would be Skip Bayless… I will explain…

730- Doctor Kenneth R First … Lots to cover, from every Texans injury, to Brian Urlacher and what layoffs would do for MJD and Mike Wallace.

745- NO HUDDLE. Vince Young makes an appearance, and not in a good way.

800- TED JOHNSON- Did you see this Bill Belicheck “arousal” story when it comes to drafting Warren Sapp…. I NEED some good Belicheck stories.

815- STRAW MAN ON CAMPUS with Ted Johnson!

830- Ted was out there everyday, what was his biggest takeaway from camp… Where are the Texans the strongest, and where does he think they are vulnerable?… And let’s talk HAZING! Jason Pierre Paul and Prince Amukamara can be the jumping of point for this…

845- Let’s get Ted’s thoughts on the young QBs discussion from earlier in the day…. Also, I would love Ted’s thoughts on this

900-Am I the only bothered by the fact that our best pro athletes have to LEAVE the country to get the cutting edge medical procedures?


930- Gregg Doyel on LBJ’s shoes?

945- Best from Doc First… Shiner Whiner Line… Two Minute Drill


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