Studies Show That Cats Are Serious Killers

Atlanta (CBS Atlanta) – It has 18 claws, 30 teeth, has a predilection for murder and is probably purring on your lap now.

It’s fluffy, princess, cuddles, or whatever name you decided to name your adorable killing machine, and the University of Georgia has a study to prove it.

Although 70 percent of roaming house cats do not actively hunt and kill prey, 30 percent of them do.  That’s enough to cut a swath of blood across 1 out of 3 American bird species and seriously declining their numbers, according to USA Today.

Although cats killing birds are nothing new, the actual numbers were way underestimated.  Reminiscent of serial killers like Jack the Ripper, the University of Georgia says that cats only bring home just under a quarter of their victims, they ate 30 percent of their kills, and close to 50 percent of their prey were just left to rot where they were killed.

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