Texans Luck. Picking at scabs. And Nick sliced an onion after USA-Spain?


How about that guy Trindon, my man B-Straw’s favorite!


(Luck’s gotta be in the headlines)

615- Schaub’s pick, Arian’s fumble sucked… But the rest of the game kicked all types of ass… The defense was superb, Holliday AND Mercilus were outstanding, Martin and Jean made a few plays, Bullock made a kick, no one got hurt… Not sure what else you could ask for…

630- TOP 3… Standout performers from the game, for good or for bad

645- Man, the Texans might need to take the utmost advantage of the next 3 years or so, because if you can look like a can’t miss after one preseason game, Andrew Luck sure as hell did.

700- More thoughts from the Texans first preseason game… I’ve attached my running diary of the game below, but we have a million things to discuss here, most of which we will have touched on—at least briefly—in the 615 segment.

715- Texans CALLS! We haven’t taken hardly any calls while we were at training camp, let’s hit post game fan reaction hard here.

730- Rory McIlroy wins the PGA… And even I have to admit, he is now the best golfer in the world… Yes, right now he is better than Tiger… Now, Tiger is still CLEARLY better than everyone but Rory, but Rory is better than Tiger right now, and it makes me sad.–rory-mcilroy-s-second-major-elevates-him-to-the–next-big-thing–category.html

745- HORN SOLUTIONS.NET NO HUDDLE … Usain Bolt Weed! … Ochocinco and Evelyn and the headbutt… Plaxico to try out for Pats … Tannehill looked good this weekend… Brandon Weeden not so much http://profootballtalk. … Vince Young lockout loan, cmon man

800- THESE DAMN SCAB OFFICIALS!!! And the NFL trying to silence any complaints about them as best as they can … And the fact that I have completely overlooked here about these guys not only being scab officials, but that these guys also jumped the line of like everyone in their profession… And oh yeah, they’re wildly incompetent.–nfl.html and

815- BSTRAW’S College Football *something* (We need to find a name for this)…

Team USA… LeBron, and me being near tears…–season-of-lebron-ends-with-olympic-gold-medal.html

830- JOHN MCCLAIN… And Locker closing gap on Hasselbeck… I think it’s Locker’s job to lose at this point

845- The Colts, Andrew Luck, and the Texans possibly shrinking window…

900- Andrew Luck calls plus back to who made the biggest impressions—positive and negative in preseason game number 1.

915- STRAW POLL!… And we gotta talk some about Chad Johnson’s career basically being over… because he headbutted Antoine Walker’s exwife! (Chad’s never been in trouble with the law, doesn’t drink, and now a condoms receipt does him in?!?)…

930- And -On a related note… If you are a beautiful woman, why would you ever work? I mean Evelyn Lozada married Antoine Walker AND Chad Johnson! … Also,


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