Signed as a free agent this offseason, former Seattle Seahawks Running Back Justin Forsett has been given a fresh start as the third running back for the Texans. Forsett adds depth to one of the league’s best rushing attacks, but also has an active life outside of football.

1. His father is a preacher, and Forsett became deeply religious after he was “saved” in middle school.

2. Forsett maintained his devout faith throughout college, and was a virgin until he got married.

3. He’s been married for two years to his wife Angela, who he met in study hall while in college at Cal. At the time, Angela ran track and played volleyball for Cal.

4. Angela is now on the USA olympic volleyball team, but is pregnant with the couple’s first child and was unable to attend the London Olympics.

5. Forsett’s father-in-law is former Spurs Guard, and current Cleveland Cavaliers coach Paul Pressey.

6. Forett co-owns Shower Pill, a company that specializes in athletic body wipes. He believed that there was a lack of athletic hygiene supplements, and started the business with two of his teammates from Cal.

7. As a kid, Forsett was always the smallest, and was consistently picked last for every sport. He was also a class clown, and was notorious for cup-checks at football practice.

8. He celebrated his entrance into the NFL by buying his first car, a Chevy Tahoe. That was the moment that Forsett realized he was truly blessed to play in the NFL, and he still drives the Tahoe today.

9. Forsett is a huge fan of all kinds of gospel music, and likes both gospel rock and hip-hop. He listens the religious rapper Le Crae before every game.

10. In Seattle, an entire third grade class once sent him cards and a booklet showing their appreciation.


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