The Hall of Fame game! Football was played last night!


615- We get everyone back at camp today except JJ Watt… Andre’s back, Duane’s back and Kareem is back… We haven’t really talked about where this team needs to IMPROVE from last year… Let’s do that.

630- Top 3… Top 3 coolest feats in sports? Something like that, inspired by Bolt’s “Fastest Man Alive” title… Guy runs a 10 second race and makes like 15Mill a year, and gets the coolest title in sports… You can watch Bolt here http://deadspin.com/5931985 So freaking awesome.

645- Andy Reid’s kid… and the unbelievable toll this game takes on everyone involved… I mean, Andy is going to coach the Thursday night game! Can you freaking believe that?!? He’s barely going to miss work!

700- Football is here… and are we really going to have to deal with these replacement refs all year over 100K a team? (Audio from Florio from Friday)… I kept a running log of just the first few minutes of the HOF game and got the following:

First snap of the game theyre not ready….. Took 10 minutes to get the extra point kicked… holding in the end zone not called… (and yes, this is going to happen every time replacement refs make mistakes, whether the regulars refs would’ve made those mistakes or not)… on the bright side, they didn’t throw a single flag until the 5 min mark of 1 st , and that took 3 minutes itself because the refs were so damn nervous..

715- Justin Forsett interview…

730- Justin Forsett interview reaction… Devout Christian… Virgin!… Wife would’ve been an Olympian!… Legit player at the 3 rd string for the Texans…

745- NO HUDDLE… 41,000 people showed up for Broncos scrimmage! 41K! I don’t blame them, I’m as excited about seeing how Peyton does in Denver as I am anything this football season…


815- Rick Smith on the offensive line… Do you think Duane Brown is the best LT in the NFL?… Why is Chris Myers so valuable?… Are you rooting for any player in either of the battles on the right side?

830- John McClain… On his article on Andre and the Hall of Fame… And we can ask John what we discussed at the top of the show, what does this team need to improve on the most?

845- Who are the powers in the NFC? Packers feel like the only sure thing in the conference—at least to me—but there are like 8 teams that I think any of which could be very good. Giants, Eagles, Cowboys, Bears, Lions, Falcons, Saints, 49ers…

-And, once we identify who the powers should be, how do the Texans stack up?

900- NFC Discussion continued because there’s way too many teams for just one segment… Plus, we’ve got to revisit the awesomeness of Usain Bolt…


930- Texans DB Coach Vance Joseph interview with Vandy AND NICK’S NOTES with Nick Scurfield…

945- TWO MINUTE DRILL… Handoff to Mike and Brad… And, one giant bullet we dodged in the Olympics this weekend…


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