Brooks recently received a lot of negative attention from the media because of his weight, but there’s more to Brandon Brooks than his overblown weight issues. Brooks grew up in Milwaukee as a fan of the Packers and Bucs, and was a standout player at the University of Miami Ohio. He claims that he lives by the book, and was never really a troublemaker.


1. Brooks is an only child, and his father used to be a bodybuilder. Now an employee of the city of Milwaukee, Brooks’ father has helped Brandon with his fitness throughout his life and the two still talk regularly.

2. His favorite college memory was winning the MAC championship in 2010. After the game Brooks gave his gloves to a excited young fan whose enthusiasm “made his day.”

3. In his free time, Brooks likes to go out with fellow rookies Ben Jones and Randy Bullock. They often try to find new places to go out an eat together, and Brooks has become a big fan of Pappa’s BBQ.

4. Brooks likes all kinds of music, but listed Drake as his favorite artist.

5. Growing up, Brooks played basketball and karate. He played karate from age six until his first year of high school, and ultimately earned a blackbelt. He explained that karate is vastly different from football, but that basic hand-to-hand techniques are still applicable to his job as a Guard.
6. Brooks earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology and would like to earn a masters’ in public administration someday. As a psychology student he unconsciously finds himself breaking down people’s personalities.

7. His football technique was most influenced by his first and last coaches in college – Shane Montgomery and Don Treadwell. In addition to their influence on his playing style, they taught him how to be professional, as well as be a man on and off the field.

8. Brooks believes that the lifestyle in the North is faster and more business oriented than the South. He explained that things are more relaxed in Texas, and that he has found the change in pace refreshing.

9. He has a tattoo on his right arm of a bible verse that he got in college, and frequently attended Baptist services with his grandmother when he was younger.

10.Brooks still drives his first car, a Pontiac Grand Prix. Although the car is a sedan, the six-foot-five, 340 pound lineman said that it’s bigger than most people realize.


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