By John P. Lopez


First Andre… Then Brown… And now Watt… But these are VERY different injuries…

Watt’s injury and why you can make the argument that it’s a good thing… (very briefly, will get to it at 645)


And that gymnastics girl was just awesome last night… That was my favorite Olympic moment since Michael Johnson…

615- Mike Florio interview from

630- … Top 3

645- JJ Watt dislocated his elbow and is going to miss the rest of training camp. I think you can make the argument that this is a good thing… It takes away any chance of him suffering a serious injury heading into the season, gets young guys extra reps at camp, and gives Watt’s body a break it likely needs heading into the season… John, Mark, your thoughts on this?

-(And this isn’t just finding a good spin on a bad thing… For example, there is NO upside to Andre’s injury, and it’s very concerning… The Watt injury though, I’m just not sure it’s a bad thing. )

700- Jonathan Joseph’s joins all of us for a chat…

715- Some Mecilus AUDIO from Michael is worth playing on how he likes not having expectations …

-And then I think we’ve got to spend some time talking about the college football coaches poll, at least 5 minutes or so on the localish teams and general thoughts on the poll…

-SEC- 5 of the Top 10… Big 12 6 of the top 21 ( 4-OU, 11-WVU, 15-Texas, 17-TCU, 19-OSU, 21-K-State.)

730- Seth Payne… Let’s start with Seth’s just unbelievable article on Yahoo! From a couple days ago.–nfl.html

745- NO HUDDLE with Seth Payne… The Browns are worth a BILLION dollars, in other news, we got a LOT of underpaid players … Why does everyone havta hate on my guy Carmelo all the time? And oh yeah, the US won by 83! And Melo had 37 in 14 minutes!…

800- Seth Payne… BUDLIGHT SPOTLIGHT ON… ???

815- RICK SMITH on Running Backs

830- Revisit JJ Watt’s injury and each of our individual thoughts on it… and let’s use the Kubiak AUDIO that Michael sent, all of those individual cuts are likely worth playing.

845-I think we can get to that “Around the NFL” type of segment that Mark mentioned Thursday, because there is a TON going on that we haven’t gotten to around the league…

-Man the Cowboys just like to hear themselves talk or something? … Remember how the Browns are worth a BILLION dollars? Then how can the NFL justify this? … This might make sense for some teams without Tebow, with Tebow, I actually definitely agree … This could be a dangerous combination

-And Drew is going to join us for a quick hit.

900- Any around the NFL spillover discussion, plus… I think it might be worthwhile to replay some of Florio here (also, this segment is semi-open in case we see someone at camp that we want to get on like we did Thursday with Bulluck)


930- Nick’s Notes… And anything noteworthy from Rick Smith

945- Two Minute Drill… Handoff to Mike and Brad… Overall thoughts as training camp wraps week 1.


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