Revisit, briefly our AFC discussion from yesterday, because as Vandy pointed out, I’m not sure we ever came to conclusions.


615- Duane Brown is OK, everybody… But let’s talk a little about that LT spot, with AUDIO from Duane Brown and the guy who stepped in for him Rashad Butler and Matt Schaub who talked about how losing him could really hurt the offense…

Also, revisit what I mentioned yesterday on how the Texans should use this minor injury to see if Brown maybe has increased urgency about getting a deal done.

630- … TOP 3???

645- Twitter and the Olympics… The Olympics are just KILLING the ratings, just killing it. http://london2012.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/08/01/olympics-ratings-higher-than-expected/Everyone seems to be bitching about them being tape delayed, but the ratings are better than ever…

Also, did you see the story about the journalist who criticized NBC on Twitter, and then Twitter jacked the guy’s account out of respect for their partner, NBC?

700- We haven’t really talked too much Whitney Mercilus, why don’t we? What are fair expectations for Mercilus this season… I’ve got some data and we can use some Mercilus AUDIO, Dan did a 1 on 1 with him…


2011- 2-Von Miller: 11.5/64… 7- Aldon Smith: 14/37… 14-Robert Quinn: 5/23… 16- Ryan Kerrigan: 7.5/63… 20- Adrian Clayborn- 7.5/42… 24- Cameron Jordan: 1/31…

2010- 14- Brandon Graham: 3/13… 15- Jason Pierre Paul: 4.5/30… 16- Derrick Morgan: 1.5/5… 31- Jerry Hughes: 0/6…

2009- 11- Aaron Maybin: 0/18… 13-Brian Orakpo: 11/37… 16-Larry English:2/36… 18-Robert Ayers: 0/19…

2008- 2- Chris Long: 4/40… 6- Vernon Gholston: 0/13… 8- Derrick Harvey:3.5/15… 28-Lawrence Jackson: 2/29…

2007- 4- Gaines Adams: 6/38… 8- Jamaal Anderson: 0/30… 17-Jarvis Moss: 1/12… 26-Anthony Spencer: 3/36…

Past 5 years: 22 “pass rushers” taken in the 1 st round… 7 have had 5 or more sacks their rookie season… Prior to last year’s draft class, there had only been 2 guys (Orakpo and Adams) taken in previous 4 years to clear 5+ sacks as rookies.

715- NO HUDDLE, back in it’s original spot, because we’ve got the Head Coach of UH (Tony Levine) and Head Coach of Rice (David Baliff) are joining us at 745 to talk about the Bayou Bucket and Case Keenum and James Casey.

NO HUDDLE… How has any team ever had a worse stretch than the Astros right now? This is unreal. Maybe not his fault, but you probably got to fire Brad Mills like, before this team comes back home, right? I mean, what’s the harm? http://espn.go.com/mlb/blog/_/name/stark_jayson/id/8206843/five-astounding-facts-refuse-win-houston-astros and http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/mlb-big-league-stew/awful-astros-houston-july-fifth-worst-month-baseball-185520508–mlb.html


745- UH Head Coach (Tony Levine) and Head Coach of Rice (David Baliff) are joining us at 745 to talk about the Bayou Bucket and Case Keenum and James Casey. ….

800- The BUDLIGHT SPOTLIGHT… Bud Light Spot Light on Duane Brown (with Vandy’s interview and we can revisit our discussion (WITH AUDIO) from 615 about Brown, his importance, his contract, and who his backup really is.)

815- Texans GM RICK SMITH on the positional battle on the offensive line

830- AROUND THE NFL (This could become a 830 staple for the rest of camp) where we discuss the biggest stories from around the NFL that aren’t Texans focused…

845- Texans President Jamey Rootes

900- What are fair Whitney Mercilus expectations, continued from earlier with the stats we laid out on other “pass rushers” that have been 1 st round picks past 5 years.


930- NICK’S NOTES with Nick Scurfield from HoustonTexans.com

945- TWO MINUTE DRILL… Glover Quin interview… Mike and Brad handoff, with a question about Dan Wolken for Mike and their thoughts on Twitter effect on the Olympics…


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