HOUSTON (CBS Houston) — Increased vigilance in the wake of the movie theater massacre that marred the opening weekend of “The Dark Knight Rises” has led to a rise in gun sales throughout the nation, most notably in large cities such as Houston.

Local business owners dealing in firearms, such as Shiloh Shooting Range general manager Jeff Sanford, tell KPRC-TV that such spikes are typical following tragedies involving gunmen.

“What’s spiked even more than gun sales is concealed handgun license sales and personal one on one lessons,” he told KPRC. “Right now, we’re booked through the next three weeks.”

On July 20, 24-year-old James Holmes shot 70 people – 12 of whom subsequently died – at the Century Aurora 16 movie theater in Aurora, Colo., using three guns purchased through legal channels.

Sanford additionally told KPRC that he had not seen a sales increase of this caliber since the days following the 2008 presidential election.

“Here we go again,” he told the station after receiving news of the incident. “One crazy putting a black eye on everybody else. It’s unfortunate for the (gun) industry because now there’s just going to be more gun control lobbyists.”

Sanford noted that some new customers are motivated by fear of “crazy people” and losing their rights.

He added, “We’d rather have years of steady business of people freely owning their guns than a few months of just break-neck sales because of people buying out of fear.”

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