By John P. Lopez

600– Olympics? Do they start today? What’s going on? Does anyone care? What are the story lines? I feel completely out of the loop on these Olympics, am I the only one? Ah, but we’ll get you In The Loop in no time … get it?


615– WR Roy Williams trying out with the Texans, as is Bryant Johnson.

Says Nick:  Is my TO idea still so crazy? Lopez: Yes, Nick, it is.

630- … Top 3, your closest brush with death

Or … How ’bout the 1912 ‘Sox trophy up for sale … What piece of memorabilia would you HAVE to have?

645– This is reprehensible

Our federal government is hiring this guy? C’mon now, that can’t be real.

700– Can we do pre-camp predictions? I like to say what I expect the team to do before anyone gets hurt on the Texans or otherwise, and then we can adjust from there.

715– Dwight Howard… Stop it, man. And Orlando, you’re a joke, too. During_Meeting_With_Hennigan

730– JOHN MCCLAIN… No one is talking about Jared Crick. Do you expect him to make an impact this season? What are fair expectations for Whitney Mercilus?… And on an unrelated note, the Twolves really are going all white!

745– NO HUDDLE and JOHN MCCLAIN … Obama wants Vick to slide!

Dez Bryant needs, counseling?

Chad Johnson says toning down the celebrations hurt his level of play, and you know what, I believe him. Says Lopez: C’mon, man. The ability to celebrate makes you play harder?

800– JOHN MCCLAIN… Let’s see how the Texans matchup against the Ravens, Steelers, and the Patriots

815– JOHN MCLAIN…. Texans vs other AFC powers, continued… And, Gotta talk Astros for a minute… Do they have to do some type of fan outreach at this point?

830– JOHN MCCLAIN… For every successful Matt Schaub, how many Kevin Kolb, Matt Cassel, Matt Flynn’s (?) are there

845– JOHN MCCLAIN… Let’s get John in on our pre-camp predictions…

900– Dwight Howard, you continue to be just the worst ever During_Meeting_With_Hennigan

915– Straw Poll… And John was 100% right on this one, look at the PSU Head Coach’s quote “I want to play, and I want to be on TV.”…

930– Adam Caplan from

945– Shiner Whiner Line… Wingstop Two Minute Drill… Texans preparing for the apocalypse!


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