An historic ruling, an epic choke and important people: In The Loop Monday

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615- The NCAA and Penn State… Of course, the NCAA is splitting the baby here… and Who can sanction the NCAA, since now the NCAA is admitting that Graham Spanier is a reprehensible person, and they gave him A TON of power… Jay Bilas is on the right track here  HYPERLINK “″
630- … Top 3?
645- Ernie Els vaults Phil Mickelson? Adam Scott with an ALL TIME choke job… and Tiger gets, well, closer, I guess…
700- Was the Batman shooting terrorism? Because I sure feel like it is…. (Blog post on this)
715- At this point, the Paterno family needs to just stop talking, please  HYPERLINK “″
730- Jeff Passan on the Astros trades… And Buster Olney on the Astros being THIS bad for a long time  HYPERLINK “” … No, they won’t lose fans, because they don’t have ‘em to lose. But if/when they turn it around, people will go again.
745- HornSolutions.Net NO HUDDLE!… Betting on High School football  HYPERLINK “″ … Well, this is a horrifying story out of Kentucky  HYPERLINK “″… 31 (THIRTY ONE!) player arrests this NFL offseason  HYPERLINK “” … This is a big deal, right?  HYPERLINK “” … 
800- Penn State press conference, live
815- Penn State press conference reaction or the press conference continued…
830- John McClain… Also, we can ask John about this Chronicle list of the 10 most “important” sports figures in H-Town  HYPERLINK “″
845- Ernie Els, an epic collapse, and Tiger gets closer, kind of…
900- Texans 7th in the ProFootballTalk Power Rankings…Behind the Steelers, Ravens, Patriots, 49ers, Giants and Packers…
915- What did John think of Josh and Daryl Morey… Straw Poll!
930- Top 20 Texans! We are down to the Top 5… I have Brian Cushing… John has Andre Johnson…
945- People, don’t walk on hot coals, even if Tony   Robbins tells you to  HYPERLINK “” …Shiner Whiner Line!… Wingstop TWO MINUTE DRILL… Handoff to Brad and Brien…

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