Rockets definition of Linsanity? “General” thoughts. And if Nick were a man.

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600- Hey, Astros. How’s that road winning streak going? Sorry. Cheap shot. But plenty to discuss early..
Jeremy Lin is officially a Rocket!
615- Posnanski and Paterno… What should he do? What would John do? We’ll cover that, certainly.   “″

And we have AUDIO here as well…
630- Nick is a failure as a man… … You’re not gonna believe this one, Loopers. It will lead to the Top 3 as well.
645- Nick wants to talk about Dez Bryant… There’s no defending him… Or is there? Ah, this won’t rile anyone up at all, I’m sure.

700- Jeremy Lin is a ROCKET! What says this guy can’t be a STAR… I mean a real, legitimate star, I give him a 5-10% chance… Also, like John said, now no matter what the Rockets are more INTERESTING…

715- Why it’s OK to root for guys because of their race… John’s take: Can you play the Race Card without being a racist, insensitive or racially biased?

730- JOHN MCCLAIN… Who is the most dangerous weapon in the NFL? Cris Carter says it’s Calvin Johnson

745- NO HUDDLE W/ JOHN MCCLAIN…  Titans are VERY happy with Kendall Wright”

What does McClain think of his fellow Baylor alum?… Is Chris Johnson still elite?|topnews|text|Sports%20Tennessee%20Titans”|topnews|text|Sports%20Tennessee%20

Titans he put on some weight, on purpose…

800- TOP 20 TEXANS #9 and #8… W/ JOHN MCCLAIN… My 9 and 8: Chris Myers, Connor Barwin… John’s: Barwin and Cushing

815- JOHN MCCLAIN… I think we should discuss this article with John, it’s got nothing to do with sports, but I think he’ll be hilarious on it”…

I also want to discuss this lawsuit (Nick Saban’s daughter!) with John”

830- JOHN MCCLAIN… Dwayne Bowe and the Texans?” The article doesn’t talk about the Texans, but I can guarantee he’s gone from KC after this year… Also, is there any POSSIBLE defense for Dez Bryant?

845- JOHN MCCLAIN… What do you make of Vitt denying the entirety of the bounty program?”

900- Why I’m a failure as a man… Yesterday was my absolute nadir… It was pathetic and awful.


930- Jeremy Lin is a Rocket…

945- Shiner Whiner Line… Wingstop 2 Minute drill… Gregg Doyel on Jeremy Lin

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