By John P. Lopez


Here is our Daily Show Lineup. We offer this everyday, to help plan your day, schedule a time to weigh in or just follow along at work.

600: HEADLINES! … We’ll hit all the top stories you missed overnight — and more.


615: Dez Bryant arrested… The Elvis Dumervil charge… when was the last time a Texan player got in trouble with the law? How Come?

630: I think the Top 3 has to jump off from Obama at the USA game and getting put on the Kiss Cam and getting stoned by his wife, and then rigging *allegedly* a second go on the Kiss Cam… But I’m not creative enough to ever come up with these.

645: JEFF VAN GUNDY—Is there such a thing as giving up too much for Horward?

700: JEFF VAN GUNDY—How good of a player is Andrew Bynum?

715: JEFF VAN GUNDY—Jeremy Lin can be how good?

730: JEFF VAN GUNDY—Does he like the direction the league is going?

745: NO HUDDLE… Texans the 13th most valuable team in the world?!? … I thought it was laughable when Kobe said what he said, then I watched this team play, and I realized it’s not just laughable, it’s downright absurd…In stadium Wi-Fi—Has anyone’s cell phone ever worked in a stadium?… And Revis might holdout again! I love it I love it… Vick said he was more dedicated to studying dogs than his playbook!  …

800: Texans Top 20—11 and 10… Mine are Owen Daniels and Antonio Smith…  Yours are Wade Smith and Danieal Manning

815: TEXT AND ANSWER—Paul, let’s make sure these focus on sports…

830: NFL writer Charean Williams joins us to talk all things NFL. Also, Wes Welker signed his tender… why this means the Patriots just got these guys hypnotized… Or Brady pays them under the table…

845: Vilma can’t even REHAB at the Saints facility? Even though he got hurt playing?  And would anyone mind if Goodell just knocked 75% off the players suspensions and we all moved on?…

900: Shane Battier


930: BEST OF VAN GUNDY, RE-RACKED… And Obama and the Kiss Cam… Stoned by his wife!…

945: Shiner Whiner Line… Wingstop 2 Minute Drill… Handoff to Mike and Brad… This is the best and the worst story of the year at the same time


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