By BRIEN STRAW-SportsRadio 610By Leslie T Travis

How do you cope with any or all of the news regarding the molestation and cover-up of such wicked acts at Penn State. As a father of two young children, girls rather than boys, I’m still disturbed in a way I never would have been as non-parent. What Jerry Sandusky did to young boys is beyond despicable.

I cannot justify or explain what Sandusky did or what would allow him to do what he did, but I also cannot fathom him committing those heinous crimes without truly being sick.  I don’t feel right rejoicing in the hell that awaits Jerry Sandusky, but I know he’s earned it. That said, what the leaders of Penn State failed to do seems worse from my perspective. Former president Graham Spanier, former head coach Joe Paterno, former vice president Gary Schultz and former AD Tim Curly, all had multiple opportunities to stop Sandusky but for petty, and extremely trivial in comparison reasons, made conscious decisions to selfishly protect their own interests at the expense of previous victims, and worse future victims.

Not one individual in authority displayed any concern for the young boys molested.  How do you deal with that?

In a Darren Rovell poll on Twitter (@darrenrovell) 58% of the respondents voted to shut down the Nittany Lion football program. During my on-air shifts on SportsRadio 610, most callers and texts have recommended the same punishment. Is disbanding Joe Pa’s football program the “appropriate” response? Does any punishment fit the crime of knowingly allowing a child molester to operate?

I say no. Which is why I don’t think the NCAA should overstep it’s bounds and dispense punishment on the Penn State football program. The acts of Sandusky have been criminally prosecuted (quite successfully I might add with great thanks), and will soon cost the guilty parties millions in civil trials. The failure to stop Sandusky by Paterno, Shultz, Curly and Spanier is also criminal behavior that should – and hopefully will land all the living parties in jail. If prosecutors fail in this endeavor you can be certain more qualified defense attorney’s will surly bankrupt in civil trials. As it should be.

As for the NCAA, anything less than a “death penalty” would be insulting. And even an SMU style shuttering of the football program seems more self-fulfilling grandstanding than equitable punishment.  The school’s president and vice president were involved in the cover-up so why let the football program take a hit the entire university should absorb?

This isn’t a case of buying players, or skirting NCAA rules to gain a competitive advantage. This is one of – if not the worst, example of allowing reprehensible behavior to continue by those in leadership, that we’ve seen in human history. We already have multiple legal systems in place to mete out the appropriate punishment.

There’s no educational system example to be set or lesson to be learned. We, as a society are already well aware how disgusting it is to let anything bad happen to our children.

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