FORT WORTH, Texas (AP) — Officials have told Fort Worth residents that although the North Texas city’s water currently doesn’t taste or smell very good, it is safe to drink.

The city’s water department is attributing the problems to seasonal raw water factors and issues with a new chemical feed system at one treatment facility.

“The water department assures customers the water is safe for drinking, cooking, bathing and all other purposes, even though smell or taste may not be pleasant,” the department said Friday in a news release.

The problems are most notable in the central and northern areas of the city, officials said. Some communities that purchase water from Fort Worth, including Keller and Southlake, have also reported similar problems.

Officials are reducing production at the affected facility while increasing production at one that isn’t experiencing problems. Field crews have also been flushing water lines.

The water department said residents should see improvements in water quality this weekend, but warned that problems might continue for another couple of months.

The department said that, by August, a new disinfection system that is highly effective in treating taste and odor problems should be operational at the affected treatment facility.

The water department suggested that customers could improve the taste of their drinking water by either refrigerating it in an open container or by adding a slice of lemon or lime.

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