Show prep: Susan Liucci, er, Daryl Morey still trying. Women are poison. And Texans have it … easy?

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600- HEADLINES! First of all, the ESPYs make the Home Run Derby look like North By Northwest. … Also, Paterno was a fraud; Dwight Howard update; and consummating meaningless deals?

615- The latest development in… HOW THE MOREY TURNS!

630- Top 3 most embarrassing things you’ve done to impress a girl… That in the wake of this disaster from Bob Kraft. Ah, the things Kraft did for a little spread.

645- Finally, someone says what I’ve been thinking for the longest… The Texans actually have a pretty easy schedule. That’s Nick talking. Lopez thinks slightly differently.

700- Art Briles, Baylor Head Coach … We’ll talk Josh Gordon, RG III’s replacement, Big 12 and more.

715- This Paterno letter is so infuriating, it’s almost beyond words. Why Lopez believes Paterno is a complete fraud.… And why I’m going to have a hard time trusting anything from this Freeh report

730- Something disturbing in local headlines. Something understandable, but very disturbing.

745- HORNSOLUTIONS.NET NO HUDDLE!… NCAA 2013 was just released…

800- Finally, someone says what I’ve been thinking for the longest… The Texans actually have a pretty easy schedule

815- Dwight Howard… Andrew Bynum… The latest on where we are with this ridiculous saga, and whether it’s going to be ending anytime soon.

830- Calls on Howard and Bynum… And what is wrong with women? Paragraphs 16-26 are just pure gold

and, oh yeah, it’s Nick Saban’s daughter!

845- The more I read about Joe Paterno, the angrier I get. Here’s a letter he wrote, making it CLEAR this wasn’t a “football” scandal

 Well that’s just great, very important clarification to make…

900- Janis Schmees Exec. Director of Harris County Houston Sports Authority We definitely will ask about the Astrodome, Houston getting into the NCAA Football Playoff mix and more.

915- Straw Poll

930- Art Briles on Josh Gordon and whether or not we are making too much of the Texans WR situation… And now this is even happening in the supplemental draft

http://profootballtalk. …

945- Shiner Whiner Line… 2 Minute Drill… Handoff to Mike and Brad

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