HOUSTON (CBS Houston) – Not even weeks following his successful defense of Roger Clemens during the former pitcher’s perjury trial, Rusty Hardin is again defending another big-time pro athlete in Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson.

Peterson, who was charged with resisting arrest Saturday in Houston, has hired the high-profile Hardin to help fight the misdemeanor charges. ESPN reports that Peterson, 27, faces a likely misdemeanor charge after an alleged confrontation with an off-duty cop at a Houston nightclub early Saturday.

“‘A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on,'” Peterson tweeted Sunday, referencing a Winston Churchill quote. “Thank you for waiting for the facts. Truth will surface.”

Early Saturday, Peterson and the group he was with at a downtown nightclub were informed by an off-duty cop working security that they had to leave the club as it was closing time, according to Houston police. When the officer told Peterson and his group to leave for a second time, Peterson allegedly pushed the officer in the shoulder, causing him to trip and stumble, according to the Houston Chronicle. The officer would place the All-Pro running back under arrest, but not before Peterson struggled with the officer and another off-duty officer called in for assistance.

Peterson’s hiring of Hardin is a curious one. Hardin helped exonerate Clemens on all perjury charges June 18, wrapping up a two-month trial that reignited some public vitriol and bad feelings toward Clemens and his stance of never using steroids and human growth hormone.

Hours after being charged with resisting arrest and taken into custody, Peterson was released on $1,000 bond. He is expected to appear in court Friday.


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