Want to go green and help the Earth out? Recycling is one of the most common ways to help get your stamp on the Earth’s ecosystem smaller. Here’s a couple of steps to help you get started with the recycling process.

  • Find out what items your local trash company collects. If you lie in a rural area that does not collect recycled items then search where the nearest place is that will take your items.
  • Find a convenient place to put your recyclables until it is time for pick up. By the trash can is a good place because when you are throwing something away it will be a great reminder to be cautious of what you’re putting in the bin.
  • Some trash companies will provide you with a container to put your recycled items, but if not find another container such as a box or trash can separate from your everyday throw away can.
  • Recycling doesn’t just mean sorting out plastic and glass bottles. It also includes reusing stuff in your own house. Like that Rago jar that’s empty can now be used as a soup holder or using old newspapers as wrapping paper for gifts. The list is long of things that can be used in ways you never thought of.
  • Once you’ve gotten the hang of it, you will be sending less trash to the dump, saving money, and have a house full of reused items.

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