Bringing On The Spartacus Workout

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Spartacus: Blood and Sand (credit: Kristy Griffin/Starz)

Spartacus: Blood and Sand (credit: Kristy Griffin/Starz)

Before really doing much research, I’ve agreed to participate in something called The Spartacus Workout.

I’ll be doing this workout three times a week for four weeks with the goal of shaving off a couple of pounds of fat and maybe getting some definition. (The key word is maybe.)

After watching this video and learning more about this program, I’m convinced of just one thing. I will be crabby, hateful and miserable for the next four weeks. I’m the kind of person who celebrates the completion of a one-mile run, so this personal challenge will serve as one of the toughest physical things I’ve ever committed to.

Check out what I’ve gotten myself into and cross your fingers that I won’t cuss at those I love most during this trying time of working out to this level of intensity.

Note: At no point during this video, did somebody say I can’t conclude a workout with cake and/or cheesy pasta.

Wish me luck!

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