Top 10 Things That STINK About Being in the Hospital!

I was in the hospital for 4 days last week. Not by choice. While I’m an optimistic, glass-half-full type of person, it wasn’t all rainbows and unicorns while I was there.

Top 10 Things That STINK About Being in the Hospital!

10. All the Cream of Wheat I could eat. (if you read my ‘Top 10 Things that RULE About Being in the Hospital’, you know this is sarcasm.)

9.  Super stylish gowns and equally cool footies. (see sarcasm note in #10)

8.  Blood tests, blood tests and more blood tests. My DNA is everywhere now.

7.  Wheelchairs are meant for transporting people, not racing.

6.  Compression Hose.

5.  Being asked by every nurse if I’ve ‘gone to the bathroom’ yet.

4.  Anybody can walk into my room, say they’re a doctor and start feeling around my stomach.

3.  A minimum of a zillion people know your business…and by ‘business’…I mean know…your…business.

2. Duh. Being in the hospital itself.

And the number one thing that STINKS about being in the hospital…

1.  Vodka is NOT considered a ‘Clear Liquid’ on the Clear Liquid Diet.

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