Top 10 Things I Learned While Being in the Hospital

I guess you could call my 4-day stint in the hospital a ‘stay-cation’. Whether you look at the negatives or positives about being in the hospital, I definitely got an education while there…

Top 10 Things I Learned While Being in the Hospital.

10. Nobody says ‘STAT’…and when I do, nobody laughs.

9.  Nurses are the primary caregivers…always, always, ALWAYS suck up to them!

8.  If you haven’t eaten for 3 days and are offered chicken broth, I guarantee it’ll taste like the best meal you’ve ever had.

7.  Nothing I did could gross anyone out.

6.  It takes two adults 5 minutes to figure out how to tie a hospital gown. Side note: Best laugh in 4 days was when I tied two opposing arm holes together and tried to wear it around my neck. Hey, I never claimed to be a rocket scientist.

5.  Hospitals now include air freshner canisters in your room. It’s about time!

4.  It’s fun to watch TV with the Techs.

3. Shhhh….don’t distract the person with the big needle. When someone is attempting to draw blood, that is ‘quiet time’ and no time for small talk.

2.  Saying ‘I’m throwing up and can’t get to the bathroom!’ gets a nurse’s attention faster than a call button.

And the number one thing I learned while being in the hospital…

1.  Nobody even blinks if you flash them.

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