10 Things That RULE About Being in the Hospital!

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I made this universal symbol for 'hospital' all by myself!
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After my recent 4-day stay in the hospital, I decided to look for the silver lining in what was otherwise a not-fun week…

10 Things That RULE About Being in the Hospital!

10. Super stylish gowns and equally cool footies (sarcasm…it’s what you expect from me, right?!?)

9.  Adjustable bed is endlessly entertaining.

8.  When I puke, someone else cleans it up and tells me ‘it’s alright’.

7.  Free Bandaides.

6.  Nurses have the best gossip on other patients and doctors. Techs have the best gossip on the nurses.

5.  When I do something inappropriate, I can blame the pain medication.

4.  All the Cream of Wheat that I can eat. (ok, you know that’s sarcastic, right?!?)

3.  The constant hope that the next Doctor to check on me is Dr. Derek Shepherd from ‘Grey’s Anatomy’.

2.  Mooning someone is totally acceptable.

And the number one thing that RULES about being in the hospital…

1.  Morphine Drip.

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