Celebrities tend to go to great lengths to keep their private lives a secret from fans. Personal information and photos will be revealed only after it has been put under the microscope by management and distributed through mass media, typically lining their pockets with some cash in the meantime.

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Beyonce has decided to forego all of those formalities and deliver the goods directly to the people. The new mother just launched her own tumblr, and it’s loaded with personal photos. Not only that, but she’s also unveiled her new website, news she delivered via Twitter… her first tweet EVER.

Beyonce currently has 3,652,171 followers on Twitter (and counting). Up until today, she has supplied them with nothing. Not even a Twitpic of the salad she had for lunch.

But maybe the wait was worth it. Her newly revamped website was designed by Matthew D. Siskin (@designedmemory), and the site looks top notch. It features her music, a “Vault” which highlights behind-the-scenes photos from album shoots, music video shoots, performances and magazine covers, the “Beyhive,” a community for fans, plus the usual news and tour updates.

There is also a link for “I Am,” her tumblr. This is where the good stuff is. Beyonce’s tumblr is full of personal photos, including shots from her and Jay-Z’s honeymoon, family photos, candid shots and even short videos which have been uploaded to Vimeo.

Maybe this is a sign of a more social media friendly Beyonce. Adoring fans want to know what she is up to on a daily basis, even if it is eating a salad.

Beyonce’s new website
– Twitter: @Beyonce


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