DALLAS (CBS Houston) — A search for a missing 11-year-old boy ended in tragedy on Sunday morning when authorities determined the boy starved to death.

Concerned grandfather Edward Ramsey called the Dallas police earlier on Sunday to find out where his grandson, Johnathan Ramsey, was. That afternoon, Johnathan was determined to be dead, and both the boy’s father, Aaron Ramsey, and stepmother, Elizabeth Ramsey, were arrested.

According to the Dallas Observer, police are still searching for Johnathan’s remains after his parents offered conflicting reports on where they could be found.

The Dallas Morning News is reporting that Aaron Ramsey told authorities Johnathan had a history of violent behavior, involving one incident where he punched his pregnant stepmother in the stomach that caused her to miscarry her triplets.

After that, Aaron Ramsey said he hit the boy in his chest and locked him in a bedroom, which he allegedly never left.

Police were told that Johnathan was only fed bread and water, with an occasional glass of milk, causing him to lose 30 pounds off of his 90-pound frame from March through August of 2011.

“[Aaron Ramsey] told detectives that he saw the boy ‘eat his own feces,'” according to the Morning News.

CBSDFW is reporting that Johnathan may have been dead for a long time, possibly even one year – the approximate length of time Edward Ramsey had gone without seeing his grandson.

Edward Ramsey would reportedly receive made-up stories as to Johnathan’s well-being and location, as would his mother, who lives out-of-state.

Neighbor Rita Woodruff said she had only seen a boy there once or twice last summer, but that both times, he appeared to be unhealthy.

She told CBSDFW, “His little arms were just thin … too thin for a 10-year-old child.”

Comments (4)
  1. Lakeshea says:

    I think those parents are sick how could you do that to anybody I think they are still telling lies about that baby where a bouts because how come no signs of a sleeping bag are anything was found. I think more questions need to be asked

  2. John says:

    We live in a sad, sad world.

  3. ozziethedawg says:

    wish the neighbor had investigated. it takes a village, people.

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