babe bracket2 Media Hotties Championship Game Announced
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We’ve reached the Championship Game of our 2012 Hottest Media Babes Tournament. The competition has been firece and heated, and we’ve witnessed some close matchups.

For our Championship Game, we have Kristin Kane v Ilona Carson. Voting opens at 5:30 on Friday and closes at 5:30 p.m. on Tueday, Apr. 3.

kk1 Media Hotties Championship Game AnnouncedKristin Kane (Fox26) is the reigning champion from our inaugural Media Babes Tourney and was automatically named the #1 seed of the Josh Innes bracket in this year’s tourney. After the play-in games, Kane faced station teammate #10 Melissa Wilson in the Sexy Sweet Sixteen and advanced to face #6 Lily Jang (KHOU) in the Erotic Exciting Elite Eight, where she was victorious. Now in a landslide victory over #5 Lisa Hernandez, Kane advances to the final game.

#1 Kristin Kane    13,624 votes    70%  
#5 Lisa Hernandez      5,812 votes    30%


ilona carson2 Media Hotties Championship Game AnnouncedIlona Carson (KTRK) is in her first SR610 Media Babes Tourney and has sneakily dominated the Rich Lord side of the bracket. Carson, a #3 seed, faced KPRC favorite #6 Lauren Freeman in the Sexy Sweet Sixteen. The competition was extremely close, but Carson advanced to the Erotic Elite Eight and beat the top-seeded #1 Mia Gradney (CW39), who finished in second last year. And in the Foxy Final Four, Carson dominated the polls and beat underdog #9 Michelle Merhar (Fox 26), who is compared to college basketball’s VCU in 2011.

#3 Ilona Carson    27,634 votes    59%  
#9 Michelle Merhar    18,901 votes    41%
Comments (4)
  1. AUSTIN 3:16 says:

    it shoulda been lisa hernandez & chita johnson

  2. Michael says:

    No way these women are HOT. They are pretty but the HOT women got knocked out in the first and second round.

    1. Repoman says:

      Yep. True. If they had no rules about promoting themselves, then Jennifer Reyna, Chita Johnson, Lisa Hernandez, and perhaps Casey Curry would be the final four.

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