Exciting Elite Eight Open For Voting!


babe bracket elite eight Exciting Elite Eight Open For Voting!
Click on the bracket to see a full-size, printable version of it.

The winners of both the Josh Innes and Rich Lord matchups in the Sexy Sweet Sixteen have been determined. You may now vote for the matchups in the Exciting Elite Eight. Voting closes on Wednesday at 2:30 p.m.


Josh Innes Bracket

#1 Kristin Kane (Fox26) v #6 Lily Jang (KHOU)
kane v jang Exciting Elite Eight Open For Voting!

  • Kane previously beat out #10 Melissa Wilson (Fox26)
  • Jang beat out #3 Chita Johnson (KHOU) to advance

#5 Lisa Hernandez (KHOU) v #9 Katherine Whaley (KHOU)
hernandez v whaley Exciting Elite Eight Open For Voting!

  • Hernandez clobbered #4 Gina Gaston (KTRK) in the Sexy Sweet Sixteen
  • Whaley narrowly beat out #2 Jennifer Reyna (KPRC)

Rich Lord Bracket

#1 Mia Gradney (CW39) v #3 Ilona Carson (KTRK)
gradney v carson Exciting Elite Eight Open For Voting!

  • Gradney dominated #7 Irika Sargent (KPRC) in the Sexy Sweet Sixteen
  • Carson narrowly escaped a heat matchup with #6 Lauren Freeman (KPRC)

#9 Michelle Merhar (Fox26) v #4 Katie McCall (KTRK)
merhar v mccall Exciting Elite Eight Open For Voting!

  • Merhar beat out #2 Dominique Sachse (KPRC) with 53-percent of the vote
  • McCall advanced after beating #5 Nefertiti Jaquez (KPRC) by only 400 votes
  • E.B. Hop

    If Katie McCall is in a bikini, then let everyone else in one as well. That’s cheating!

    • me

      I’m sure there were/are bikini pics available, they would.

      • Brody

        All you have to do is watch these women on tv doing the amazing job day in and day out to determine who your favorite is. If one needs a bikini to make up for short comings that is her individual choice. These amazing ladies represent different stations which I’m sure all fall under different rules and images that should be followed by their management.

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  • E.B. Hop

    Lisa Hernandez must NOT lose.

  • Jack

    Umm… not taking anything away from Illona Carson, but why is she getting more votes than Mia Gradney? Seriously.

    • ap

      because she is a little blond white girl

  • John

    Why is Liza Hernandez winning?? This is a joke. Katherine is way hotter than her. Liza is looking old. Let’s kick the Katherine votes going

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