Teacher Fired After Not Noticing Third Graders Having Oral Sex Under Desk

TALLULAH, La. (CBS Houston) – A teacher at Tallulah Elementary School lost her job after not noticing two third graders participating in oral sex under their desks.

The News-Star is reporting that the teacher was fired for not keeping a proper eye on her students, as the incident occurred under her watch.

“The principal felt that she was not monitoring the classroom adequately,” District Superintendent Lisa Wilmore said to the News-Star. “The principal made a decision, and I supported the principal.”

She added, “We have to make sure we have people in these classrooms who are monitoring our students.”

Both students reportedly received counseling after the incident, which happened last week.

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  • Herucles

    This kind of thing would never happen in my state (California). Certainly not without the teacher being put on paid leave, a full investigation being done, a coverup by the union, and then a nice sererance package to go with their hard earned retirement benifits. Oh, I almost forgot, we would pay for his defense as well.

    • Satan Morningstar

      Unless it was a catholic school. In that case it would be burned to the ground and the site sowed with salt. ;(

    • Sunshine Connie

      I bet there in Cali the teacher would be coaching the technique.

      • Ben

        This is so ignorant of you people. Do you have any idea what it is like managing a bunch of 8 year olds? I don’t know about you, but when I was 8 I got in the most trouble. It’s like toddler-hood meeting adulthood. I got in trouble for shop lifting, stealing porn magazines from adults, smoking cigarettes. Our society is really rough. Even a good, christian conservative, well rounded set of parents can’t hide the world from their kids. In fact, the smarter they are, its almost more likely they will open their eyes and see the world. Despite my “terrible” growing up, I ended up just fine. I don’t have any STD’s, tattoo’s, never hired a prostitute. I am 24, I own my own business, and currently live out in California because they are NOT toting rednecks that want to put people on the cross for something some kids did.

      • http://fantasticiquattro.wordpress.com fantasticiquattro

        Ben, what is wrong with you? I never stole anything, smoked, nor drank. In fact, I don’t anyone who did any of that at the age of 8.

        It’s not “hiding the world from you” Ben, it is protecting you from the world. Those are two very different things. This is something that you need to learn.

        Engaging in social aberrant behavior is no unusual for kids. That is true. But that does not mean we should NOT try to prevent it. Habits we learn in childhood(like smoking) can stick with us our entire lives. It is our formative years. Thus, it is of great importance that we import certain values to our children. Personal responsibility, compassion, tolerance, etc. We should also educate our kids on the harmful effects of drugs so they go forth informed.

      • Proudly Unaffiliated

        Solution: home school.

      • Joeb

        Ben, you said you were reading porn at 8 years old. What a little pervert you were. Maybe you should be seeking moral advice from those whom you refer to as “rednecks.”

      • Ben Blows


        Per your comment about the “toting rednecks”….

        What we have here, folks, is a lying lberal (yes, that IS a redundant statement).

        You’re busted, Ben – by generalizing with an idiotic statement like thhat, you’ve just shown everyone here that you’re a worthless waste of flesh, and everything you’ve said is probably a lie.

        And you’re probably a leftist teacher to boot….

      • StateRunMediaExposed

        More orchestrated news. Unelected officials took over Washington and the media after the coup and cover up. Even most of the comments online are financed with your tax dollars. Big brother is trying to create the perception of public opinion while burying the truth. They think you can’t handle the truth. Fact of the matter is we have no democracy, president, and freedom of press is an illusion.

        Our next election is shaping up to be as big of a sham as the last. Do you know why Sarah Palin’s bus tour was really canceled? Do you know why she stayed 30 miles away from the second debate and chose the death of Steve Jobs to announce that she’s not running? Know what leaked out? Sarah Palin and Cain aren’t in the race for the same reason, the truth leaked out.

        Search PalinsDirtyLittleSecret for the biggest cover up in world history before it disappears forever much like me.

      • Robert

        Exactly …
        We had lots of Oral Lessons
        They should be punished not for what they did,
        but for disturbing the class
        and not waiting until recess

      • Paul Revere

        Has America really morally decayed this far this fast or am I just seeing things?


      • Matman

        and participating too…..

    • Rufus

      That would be ‘HER’ defense… Pay for ‘HER’ defense. This ‘Teacher’ was not a male.

      • Jim

        IF this had been a male he would be in prison and would have been fired.

        If a female or gay does this stuff they get paid leave!

    • Andrew In Iowa

      I wonder if this would have been handled differently if the two students involved were both male? (Nothing indicates the sex of the students, but I was just pondering).

    • john

      According to Bill ( the RAPIST clinton) this is not sex.

    • linda


    • Mimom

      This is one reason I put very penny I had into my children’s private education which has more than paid off since they are self sufficient and responsible adults now. Public schools shoud be held accountble for failing. Home school your kids to protect them from indoctrination and perversion.

      • jo

        I had the best time partying with chicks from private school! Uninhibited!

    • linda b

      ummm, say what? that thing happens in california all the time

    • Melinda

      I am a teacher from Georgia. Believe me, this would have Never happened on my watch.

  • mf3500

    How about calling the parents in and maybe CPS? How in the heck do 3rd graders know about this??? I have a 3rd grader, this is not even in their spectrum…WOW

    • Dallas

      How sure of that are you?

      • mewp12

        The problem is that we no longer teach our children any morals. Had this been one of my children she would have ended up in convent school before the sun went down. The boy, military school.

      • Rich

        Maybe they were watching re-runs of the nightly news when Slick Willy Clinton was Pres. Oral sex ws all over the news then. Maybe their parents were telling about Teddy K. the esteemed senator. Lots of ways a third grader can get exposed to things like that. They could have even been watching a commercial of Network TV.

      • Oneclickaway

        Maybe the kids have smart phones with Internet access – Or the play station portable etc… Too many ways for our kids to be one click away from viewing porn!!!

      • Matman

        if your kids go to public schools, they know about all kinds of sex acts by 2nd grade…never to early to indoctrinate young skulls…..it’s the liberal way….

    • MewTwo

      Yeah…back in the day things were much different. We didn’t learn about sex until 4th grade.

      This was 50 years ago.

    • Nick

      You know how they know about this, just look at the culture of the untied states when it comes to sex.

    • Mary Field

      I agree…those children learned how to do this at home, perhaps they
      were or are abused at home or elsewhere

      • CL

        Oh, and let’s not forget the lack of fathers in homes while we’re at it.

      • CL

        Are you for real? This is quite the allegation to make based on…what exactly? If you think 3rd graders don’t have some burgeoning sexuality you are kidding yourself. On top of that, they are bombarded with an unhealthy view of the body and sex through media and school programs ostensibly designed to prevent STDs without taking into account the spiritual damage done by engaging repeatedly in acts of uncommitted sex.

        If you think this isn’t deliberate, google John Taylor Gatto’s “The Underground History of American Education” or, for a shorter summary, try “Shocking Origins of Public Education”, also by Gatto. Or you could just keep spouting ignorant garbage like this and keep on sending your kids to government indoctrination camps with no clue what they’re being fed there.

    • CL

      Oh, great plan. Get more government busybodies involved! The problem is the school/government indoctrination centre environment in the first place.

    • Fmv

      I ask the same questions.

    • duh

      these 3rd graders are most likely into their teens

    • Jack Frost

      As a father of three adults, I can tell you this kind of behavior can occur at a very young age, and I think it’s in response to natural feelings of sexuality. Even as a very young child (maybe 7) I heard about oral sex between a small girl and boy (maybe 9). I didn’t understand it at the time, but I never forgot it. I’ve had to confront it when my own children had such experiences. Usually slightly older children had done something (inserted something into a little girl for example. That particular boy also grew up to continue such behavior as his mother once caught him in the second grade with a little girl naked on the couch. It’s regretful, but it definitely isn’t that uncommon, and at an age they usually don’t understand why they feel that way. It’s not about “learning” such behavior would be my observation. It’s about innate feelings. We should have comments by a psycholigist on here.

      • db_cooper

        you’re an idiot jack… the kids are getting online and watching porn. i feel sorry for your kids. they have an ignoramus as a father.

      • jimmyknowsyou

        I absolutely agree with you. Its base human instinct, couple that with kids simply learning from their surroundings. Dont understand why people think sexual activity has to have an age limit. Or why thy think its “evil”.

      • Wu

        Peadophillia aside, kids will explore these things either through other people, the internet, or with eachother. I was a bit notorious in that aspect when I was little. I had these urges that made me want to hug and kiss and tounge girls my age. When I was in a mixed-sex hospital ward, I had my first proper girlfriend, and it did get quite far for an age of 10. I as sure as hell didn’t need councilling afterwards though.

        Should the teacher been fired? Perhaps. How long was it going for? Was she writing a lot on the board, or was she reading a gossip magazine? It’s all about the context, but this news report is a bit skimpy on that.

        Finally coming back to the other comment… pretty sure that was trolling, but it highlights a problem that’s mostly widely reported in America. Kids having sex with kids is not the same as them having sex with adults. One would think this is pretty obvious, but somehow this idea escapes a bunch of people in power there. “Penn & Teller BS” highlighted the issue of one kid, about the age of those in question that had a photo of his classmate that she sent him over the phone. He has been put on sex offenders register because he had in possession an indecent image of an underage child.

        It’s all about common sense and rationality. Sure, we all want kids’ innocence to last as long as possible, but everyone develops at a different pace, and at some point they will lose it. Instead of over-dramatising the issue, things should be explained to them clearly and honestly.

    • Sandra

      I was in third grade in the 50’s, in an upper middle class neighborhood where no one felt the need to lock their doors. I attended a very good school with high academic standards. I knew what oral sex was, I had a vague idea what “regular” sex was, and this was all from having friends with older siblings. Children have always learned these things, from their friends or siblings, from when humans began to communicate. Kids think about it, they are exposed to it in every media, and you cannot prevent their knowledge of it.

      What you as a parent, and we as a society can do is to assure classrooms are monitored by caring, attentive teachers, classrooms are less crowded, so that individual behaviors can be more apparent, and perhaps occasional support from classroom aides or other staff would not be out of line, to prevent a new teacher from inadvertently allowing events like this from occurring.

      • bullrider

        Sorry to disagree with you on one point, “less crowded classrooms” will not help. I went to a grade school where there were 25 to 30 students per class, and in the Chicago Catholic schools in the 1950’s they had upwards of sixty (60) students in a single class being supervised by one nun. And no sex under the desks.

      • Susan

        You must have grown up in California, too. I was in the 3rd grade in the fifties and I can assure you neither I nor any of my friends even had any idea about sex in any shape or form unless maybe they were sexually abused.

      • nickel

        I got it the teachers union would like to use this as an example of why we need to give more money to Democratic Hacks and the public sector unions that help elect them so we can “educate” more of our children into situations that are this shockingly disgusting..

  • snapboy

    What sort of community has 7/8 year olds performing s3x acts of any kind in a classroom? I would hope that not only was the teacher fired but that the children involved and their parents are now receiving [psychiatric attention.

    • bullrider

      No, the kids and parents will not get psych attention for the kids having oral sex under the desks. BUT let a kid bring a small dull butter knife in his or her lunchbox and the kid gets expelled, the police will be called, and counseling for the parents and kid will be needed to avoid having the kid taken away.

      Our public schools suck and it is because of Democrats, liberals and unions.

      • Dave

        Your public schools suck because they turn kids into ignorant Republican supporters. Check yourself before you wreck yourself.

      • Paul

        Considering the teachers unions back the Democratic Party heavily, I doubt that public schools turn kids into ignorant Republican supporters. You might want to ask Randi Weingarten about that.

      • Dave Suxballz


        How is your headache?

        I KNOW you have to have one after working for hours on such a powerful and descriptive statement.

        Now, do us all a favor, and pull a dry cleaning bag tightly over your head.

  • tom stump

    Unusual story… A teacher being fired

    • jimpinter

      It’s just beginning…..

    • tag

      lol. sooo true.

    • DaddyB

      It sure isn’t California. Hell, out here the teacher could be under the desk participating and not get fired without some drawn-out process.

      • Duude

        Sadly, that’s all too true.

      • fafnir

        teacher under desk demonstration fisting a la Van Jones

  • rufus2009a

    The Tallulah Elementary School’s population is mostly African American, 83.5 percent, and it enrolls children from grades preschool to fifth. The overall school rating for Tallulah depicts that it has achieved poor performance scores, ranking 59 out of 62 districts on indicators such as test scores, student achievement, drop out rates and attendance. Wilmore says that the district has now targeted the school and plans are underway to improve its overall educational ranking.

    • Herucles

      Given those test results, seems like they might be learning something that will serve them well in life when they enter the work force.

    • Nemoque

      This does not surprise me. I work with black kids in an after school program, and the kids see their mothers and grandmothers engaged in such behavior. This has beome the “normal” behavior in the black community.

      • Dawn


        This has not become “normal” behavior in the black community. Where exactly is the “black community?”

        Please stop speaking off the top of your head and post something that is true and valid. How do you know these children see their mothers and grandmothers engaging in oral sex? Because you work in an after school program with African American children? Geesh!

        Let’s not stereotype. Not all African American 3rd graders are having oral sex underneath their desks at school. smh…

        The issue is that we as a county are not talking to our children about sex, the appropriateness of sex, that sex is an adult act regardless of what they see on tv, hear in songs and hear their friends say. And some of us are not setting examples by our behavior.

        Please don’t act like this is an issue only within one particular ethnic group.

        And we still don’t know the ethnicity of the two children so let’s not assume they are African American.

        This is why my husband and I home school our girls.

      • Sutekh

        Home schooling is a necessity. That is why the state, with the assistance of industry, has campaigned since the 1960’s for the family to be sucked into lifestyle changes that require mom to work — so she can’t teach school, and the extra money she makes goes to pay off loans to banks for goods and services that would be unnecessary if she didn’t work.

        I quote:

        In California, in 1886 one Zach. Montgomery, a man hwo later was made assistant attorney general of the United States, published vigorous assault on the government school system as destroying parental control. He marshalled overwhelming statistics to show that the expected increase in juvenile crime was in fact following at an alarming rate upon the introduction of the compulsory school program from coast to coatst. He also cited the Biennial report of Mr. John Swett, California State Supreintendent of Public Instruction in 1864, thbat parents must step aside for state teachers. “The vulgar impression that parents have a legal right to dictate to teachers is entirely erroneous … If the teacher’s conduct is approved by his employers, the parents have no remedy against him or them.” The CA penal code, in 1886, according to Mr. Montgomery, made it a criminal offense for any parent to even insult a teacher of a public school in the presence or hearing of a pupil thereof. ”

        *Montgomery, Zach, THE SCHOOL QUESTION, Bibson Bros. Washington, D.C. 1886.
        Quoted in THE WORLD UNDER GOD’s LAW,
        by T. Robert Ingram Rector of St. Thomas’ Episcopal Church and Schoo
        lLib of Congress card no. 62-16216

  • Mike

    If it was two boys that were doing it that is so wrong!!

    • Robb

      Do you have a point to your comment/argument, or are you simply ignorant/and/or/stupid?


      • Robb

        Upon further time and reflection, I must add this:
        My apologies to richhenk for “reacting” in my post. Please forgive me. Hopefully my logic will stand true, and no hard feelings will remain between us.


      • richhenk

        How dare mike express his opinion on the matter. I’m so glad someone put him in his place by calling him ignorant and stupid. Good job Robb, way to keep the discourse civil and open-minded.

      • Steve In Tulsa

        Mike, do you have a point to Make? Or are you simply an ignorant idiot? Ignorant because you do not know and an Idiot because you cannot be told.

        Where do you get off insulting a person for expressing their opinion? Where do you get off with the hate filled name calling? You need a bit less caffeine or some positive anger management.

        Get a life and quit trying to be the boss of strangers.

      • Duude

        Robb: You’ve got issues.

      • Robb

        To richhenk,
        The only thing I call to attention is that opinions are either informed or uninformed. I am a conservative (for the record), and so you can agree or not. For those of us who are conservative, we MUST converse in a manner that cannot be picked away by liberals as “mere ignorance” by our posts.
        If this is idea is repugnant to you (or to fellow conservatives), then WAKE UP and educate yourselves.
        Ignorance can be excusable only until you have been shown the truth. Learn to think critically, and not be a reactionary (which helps nobody), richhenk.


  • George

    Fire the Principal and School Superintendent and POTUS.

    • fred123

      You got my vote; Me. Stephanopolous!!

      • Dan Shame

        Are you sure it wasn’t Bill and George going at it in the Oval Office during the shut down and that Monica took on the beard role for some cold hard cash?
        Now Georgie is hangin with Robin in the morning and everybody knows she’s an A-1 Disney rug muncher herself. George found himself a beard and kids just like Barry. And they all lived happily ever after…..Don’t believe me? Ask Richard Socarides, or better yet, the current Secretary of State.

      • george

        Mr. Stephanoloulos does not advocate firing the POTUS. He would vastly prefer licking the POTUS’ feet, whether under a desk or otherwise.

  • Annie

    It’s terrible how we are more shocked that a TEACHER got FIRED then 3rd graders having *ral s*x (sigh)

  • LSUtiga21

    Wow. So many things wrong with this story.

    1. Ummm, the 3rd graders having oral sex. Or knowing what oral sex is. Or what sex is. That’s liberalism for ya – continue to sexualize children as early as possible.

    2. The district superintendent actually having to put out a statement saying “The principal felt that she was not monitoring the classroom adequately.” You think? Why does a statement even have to be made about this teacher’s firing. Anyone who thinks she should not be fired most likely is getting $300,000 a year in union pensions at the age of 37.

    3. “We have to make sure we have people in these classrooms who are monitoring our students.” Do you see how the administrators of these schools think? “Monitor our students”? Hey, how about instead of simply “monitoring” the kids from morning til night – with their government-provided free breakfast, lunch and dinner – you actually teach the kids how to read and write? Maybe then you wouldn’t be the 59th best district in the state out of 62.

    • Sutekh

      Aldous Huxley predicted that the future tyrannical socialist state of the future would sexualize children at an early age to get them addicted to sex so that they would spend all their time obsessing over sex, into adulthood, so that they had neither the time nor intelligence to challenge the state. Huxley wrote that in 1928.

      That is why we are asking “Will America Survive the 21st Century?; Every radical leftist group that had no existence whatsoever in 1776 has come into play to poison America — and this news story, and most of the reactions to it are proof that the plan has worked better than even Huxley thought that it would. Husley thought that a devastating World War that ground everything to the ground globally on all six inhabited continents would be required, but he underestimated the tenacity and focus of the fanatical left.

    • Duude

      Principal was upset she didn’t monitor their technique so she could correct it.

    • Chiorio

      My beef is with the comment “monitoring the classroom”. Why wasn’t the teacher teaching. She is not supposed to be a babysitter.

    • George Johnson

      I thought the teacher would monitor the kids….. How silly of me!!
      (more government union employees. Now we have a teacher AND a “monitor” in each room. Then we’ll have somebody to monitor the teacher and the monitor.

      • james g

        Monitors will have to have licenses for the job, since not just anybody can monitor. We will need a Federal Department of Classroom Monitors to oversee the program. There will need to be training, rules, special forms to be filled out for each class, and somebody will have to file all of the paperwork.

        So, we will need more money for each school to implement and continue the program.

        This is important, and of course, it is “for the children,” so we must, must, must do it. For the children.

  • W

    The very sad thing is that the teacher was fired for not monitoring the children. No mention of no teaching.

    • Satan Morningstar

      Teacher’s Teaching? What a strange concept.

  • barb

    If you are not in your desk…where are you? Couldn’t she see them UNDER the desk? All kids should be sitting in their desks and if they aren’t it means they are home sick or using the rest room or down the Principal’s office or some other place where they have PERMISSION to be! Now if you can’t see someone much less two people under a desk…something is terribly wrong. God help this country and it’s children.

    • Robb

      Although I’m not defending the teacher, how can we condemn her when the teachers’ union has forced her job description to be little more than a baby-sitter, rather than an EDUCATOR. The educational system as we now know it is worthless, since it no longer truly educates, but only indoctrinates. We must stop attacking the symptoms and start dealing with the root causes, namely, the way our country understands “education.”

      • Robb

        to Matman,
        Sadly, you may be too right, IF the teacher was truly a victim (which I doubt). Don’t misunderstand me, there is so much wrong with this account it’s difficult to know how to begin.

      • Matman

        …the teacher should sue the school district for false termination. After all, she probably had to teach them “sex education” that included oral sex….good thing they didn’t try to go all the way…then they would’ve gone to the nurses office for their free condoms…..

  • Pam

    And they say we are not sexualizing our kids too young. Hah! Very sad…9 years old. The parents need to be “counseled” too!

    • julie

      It all Starts with the Liberal Education this Country is getting now….

      • Justito Blaws Deadfrogs

        “How did abstinence work for Sarah Palin’s kid?”, Justitio?

        About the same as it worked for your mother.

        I begged her to get rid of you, but nooooooo….

        And now she truly regrets her decision. A loser like you, still living at home, still wetting your bed….

      • james g

        reverend justito, you are just a cheap shot artist. You really are worthless.

      • Duude

        She went through the public school system.

      • Reverend Justito

        How did abstinence work for Sarah Palin’s kid?

  • chris

    …and so goes our once mighty nation, down the cess pool of “if it feels good, do it” mentaility. We are so pathetic now.

    • xfiler93

      you have that right. our morality is in the gutter nationally. Take GOD out of everything, and this is what we get. pathetic.

  • xfiler93


  • Marco

    Future New Orleans Saints

    • Steve

      Future Democratic President and White House intern.

  • ConservativeRedneck

    Let me guess. PUBLIC SCHOOL?

    • bullrider

      PUBIC school

    • Robb

      Really? How very pithy of you. Lrn 2 rgu critically, rather than think in bumper-sticker wisdom. This type of reasoning/statement makes all conservatives look stupid.

      • Steve In Tulsa

        Robb, you response certainly makes you look stupid, mean, and bossy. Who made you the Brain Police? You are hateful busy body. Who voted you to be the boss of everybody? No one here thinks you are intelligent or nice. No one here would describe you as polite.

        I wish you would stop giving conservatives a bad name with all your mean bossy comments.

      • bullrider

        Your clever “SPLNG” makes it near impossible to understand what you mean.

        No loss.

  • sibbes

    Wonder if the school notified the parents.
    Ya never know htese days

  • ObamaIsGodAwful

    It’s not like they violated the hugging ban. What other rules does the school have for the kids they might not know about?

    • george

      Rule No. 15: Sex permitted only during recess

  • mac

    Demographics please! teacher, students, principal and advisor…

  • Dallas

    If the teacher didn’t notice it, then how did they get caught?

    Dam snitches.

    • Duude

      Teacher noticed when 3 kids broke out their cameras to videotape it.

    • Sid

      One hollowed out as the throngs of a climax shook the body, violently.

      • MewTwo

        I hope your excuse for that was that you typed it on a phone.

  • theHorror

    How bad is it if you’re one of the three districts even WORSE than this one?

  • http://raysestman.wordpress.com raysestman

    I love how the school is predominately african american, yet the news article contains an image of a young white kid. The media’s absolute refusal to report anything that may reflect negatively on african americans is deplorable. Yet they have no problem falsely reporting that this zimmerman dude (a hispanic guy) is white. The complete and total pro-minority/anti-white agenda in the establishment media is nothing short of disgusting.

    • Noamsayn?

      They couldn’t find a picture of a black student actually doing school work.

    • george

      @Vanessa: I understand why enslavement of blacks infuriates you, as well it should. But I’m afraid that ALL races and ethnic groups, including Caucasians, have been enslaved at one time or another. Selling the victims of war into slavery was the standard practice throughout ancient and medieval times, and it wouldn’t surprise me at all to learn that some of my own ancestors were among the enslaved. But the possibility certainly doesn’t color my entire view of the world. Really, get over it!

      • Brian

        @ George, Vanessa and people like her will continue to milk the racial slavery scam as long as it allows them to be able to blame their failures on something other than themselves. It is as shame. Imagine how much stronger our country would be if they had accountability for themselves.

  • LydiaLydia

    America is being destroyed and liberalism is the weapon of choice.

  • C Bonroy





    Well people, it’s your culture. PAY THE PRICE FOR IT.

    Teen pregnancies, school shootings, births out of wedlock, PARENTS are at fault, believe it or not. And parents are paying the price.

    • bullrider

      And the thing to chase out of the schools is any mention of God or the Bible, at least if you listen to the Left, the Dems, and the unions.

  • EZ

    I was in 3rd grade the first time I had sex, but I was by myself.

    • Calonzap

      HAHAHAHAHA!!! Now, that is very, very funny.

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