South Texas Man Sentenced Over Hotel Credit Card Fraud

 CORPUS CHRISTI,Texas (AP) — A South Texas man has been sentenced to nearly six years in prison over hundreds of credit card documents stolen from a hotel.

Prosecutors on Wednesday announced the penalty for Steven Reese Clark of Corpus Christi.

Clarkin December pleaded guilty to credit card fraud. Authorities recovered nearly 250 stolen credit slips used to make bogus cards.

Investigators say the documents were part of a batch of credit card documents stolen from a hotel in theSan Antonio area. Prosecutors did not immediately release the name of the hotel or further details.

Clarkon Tuesday was sentenced to 70 months in federal prison, plus ordered to pay about $3,600 in restitution.

Prosecutors say two other people linked to the fraud ring have been convicted and sent to prison.

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  • cameroonworks

    250 stolen credit ? = 70 months in jail. the risk to reward is not there to stop people from engaging in these activities. it should be 250 = 2500 months

  • South Texas Man Sentenced in Corpus Christi Hotel Fraud Case
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