Media Hottie Tourney Contestant From Fox26 States Her Case


Fox26 traffic reporter Michelle Merhar plays along with Vandermeer & Lopez and “states her case” as a 2012 SportsRadio 610 Media Hottie Tourney hottie contender.

Merhar is in the Rich Lord Bracket and is facing #2 Dominique Sachse from KPRC in the Sexy Sweet Sixteen.

Photos Of Michelle In Studio

  • Fanny

    hmmm. I don’t know about beliefs tvehselmes being neurotic, but I have encountered people with neurotic beliefs . Since Jesus was mentioned, belief in Him, from the greek in scripture implies, adhere to, rely on, trust in , something more than just mental acknowledgement . Certainly belief in our governments word-and at that, the word of a relative few investigators , ie, the 9/11 Commission, a few top traitors-oops, er top brass at the Pentagon etc. Seems that one will believe in something. Faith and belief are close cousins. Someones who’s faith has been rocked by their leaders more easily believes the challenge to the official tale. Others who, in my opinion, have lived in a naive bubble, accept and have faith (belief-adherence and trust) in anything their leaders feed them. That’s dangerous and foolish in my opinion fully agree Hank, that the overwhelming evidence is against the US leaders on 9/11 Beliefs right or wrong are hard to dislodge though, but eventually the truth will prevail, more specifically to those who want it.

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