What’s Next For Tebowmania?

There aren’t too many guys happier right now than Broncos executive vice president, John Elway. Heck, that guy, along with head coach John Fox last season must have just been pulling their hair out watching Tebowmania, knowing that as sweet as it was, it just couldn’t possibly last for very much longer.

Well, the Patriots saw to that, and put an end to it of course, to the tune of 45-10.

Now that Peyton Manning will take the reins at quarterback under a 5-year $96 million deal, there is a new kind of stress level that the Bronco front office will experience, but my guess is, it’s a welcomed one. Worrying about a 36-year old guy that’s coming off of his 4th neck surgery and just missed an entire season, versus hanging on the edge of your seat every weekend wondering if Tebowmania could blow up in your face.

It was a hell of a ride and fun while it lasted of course, but I never understood the frustration John Fox seemed to hold back so well in the media. No one should have been more proud of making chicken salad out of chicken sh**.

Nevertheless, the Broncos will try to unload Tebow, but will not get back near what they (Josh McDaniels) gave up for him in the 2010 draft.

Here are 5 possible landing spots for Tim Tebow that I’ve picked out amongst the dozens or so “experts” are talking about nationally. See if you have more of a success rate at picking Tebow’s next destination than you or me did at predicting where Peyton Manning was going to land

1. New England – He certainly won’t be playing QB here, but couldn’t he fit in as a power back and supplant Benjarvus Green-Ellis? He’d have an opportunity to actually play for the guy that drafted him in Josh McDaniels.

2. Jacksonville -While they’ve signed QB Chad Henne to back up the work in progress Blaine Gabbert, could you envision Tebow running a little wildcat with MJD or in at QB inside the red-zone?

3. Miami – Just maybe out of desperation. They’ve struck out on Peyton Manning, Matt Flynn, and likely won’t lure Alex Smith away from San Francisco. They need a jolt, someone who can get the fans excited again, and that is just the type of short-sighted mindset those goofs in Miami may have in mind.

4. Cleveland – Colt McCoy is their guy at QB it seems for now, but couldn’t you envision Tebow playing power back and replace Peyton Hillis?

5. Minnesota –  He’d be reunited with an old teammate at Florida in Percy Harvin. I could totally see those guys having some success in some gimmicky system up there. I think he’d be an option, in goal-line situations or their red-zone QB as the Vikings move forward with Christian Ponder.

Tebow probably doesn’t want to change positions, as he’s worked so hard to improve at QB for the last couple of years. He was cheated set back in my opinion last year with John Fox running an option offense with him for the better part of the time Tebow was starter, then trying to change him on the fly and force him into a more “traditional” in the playoffs.

Tebow is a football player though, he’ll land on his feet. Should be fun to watch, where do you think he’ll go?


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