School Busts 5th Grader For Organizing NCAA Tourney Pool

OMAHA, Neb. (CBS Houston) — An elementary school plays bracket buster to one fifth grade boy.

Columbian Elementary in Omaha shut down an NCAA tournament pool put together by 11-year-old Max Kohll, the Omaha World-Herald reports.

“I got in trouble because I was filling out a bracket with my friends and we bet money,” Kohll told the World-Herald. “We each brought $5 each.”

When Kathy Nelson, the school’s principal, found out about the pool, she put an immediate stop to it and called Kohll’s mother about the situation. Janet Kohll was quite amused at what her son did.

“My policy has always been you get in trouble at school, you get in twice as much trouble at home, but this was just too funny,” she told the paper.

Max did not receive any disciplinary action from the principal for setting up the pool.

“It’s not ok to gamble,” he told the paper. “It’s like illegal, sort of.”

Max has North Carolina going all the way.


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