By DEEPI SIDHU, SportsRadio 610

You love sports. You love women.  Do you love women who love sports?  As a female who loves sports, I set out to find the answer to this very question. I casually mentioned this to my good friend Nibu, 31-years old and single.  Our conversation went something like this:

Me: Do you think it’s hot when a woman loves sports?

Nibu: How hot is the girl?

Me: Does it matter?

Nibu: Ab-so-freak-in-lutely.


Little did I know, I had stumbled onto something.  I continued to ask other men the same question.  I asked men at the gym, at work, my guy friends, and even some family members.  The married guys all had similar responses.

Gregory (Age 38) said, “I never considered it a criteria, but it makes things better as it adds a common interest.”

Brett (Age 28) said, “My wife loves the Cowboys as much as I do. We wear our jerseys. Our dogs wear their jerseys. It’s a family thing.”

Ok, that makes sense. When you are in a relationship, you can never have too many things in common but knowing sports is not a deal breaker. Single guys are apparently more complicated. Take my conversation with Nibu:

“It’s annoying if the girl is fat. Interesting if the girl is cute. Awesome if the girl is hot.”

Ooooookay. Apparently, an unattractive woman who liked sports was either considered a buddy or worse, butch.  Hot women who knew sports were considered hotter. Does this count though? After all, we all know that hot girls can do anything and be considered hotter. For example, “My hot girlfriend writes poetry.” What are you thinking? Hotter right? What about all the women in between these two extremes? The more I asked, the more consistency I found in the inconsistency.

Move Over Beer Goggles!

This got me thinking of the phenomenon known as “Beer Goggles.” Everyone knows the effects beer has on what a woman looks like.  Could the same be said for sports?  Was there such a thing as “Sports Goggles?”*

*If there is, I am totally slapping a copyright on it.

© 2012 by Deepi Sidhu. All Rights Reserved

Change in Looks with Sports Knowledge

the beer goggle effect 400x400 A Woman Who Knows Sports:  Hot Or Not?


It is a direct relationship. The more drinks you consume, the hotter a girl becomes.

sports google effect 400x400 A Woman Who Knows Sports:  Hot Or Not?


Part 1: If a girl is below average in looks, she does benefit from knowing sports.  She also runs the risk of falling into buddy status.

Part 2: The change in looks hits its peak for the average girl. She seems cuter and more interesting and benefits the most from being sports savvy.

Part 3: The hotter a girl becomes after that, the less sports matters.  For instance, she could not even be able to identify a football and still be hot.

Part 4: Aren’t graphs awesome?

**Guys who are not single may not be as affected by the Sports Goggle Effect for a few reasons: 1) My wife/girlfriend/significant other is already hot and/or 2) Who needs more stuff to talk about? I want to watch the game in silence.

The Bottom Line

The one thing single and married guys agreed on?  A woman’s interest in sports has to be genuine.  Mandeep (Married, Age 35) “(It’s) a huge plus in my book.  Unless she is trying too hard and it’s contrived.”

Lenvi (Single, Age 47) “If I walk into a bar and hear a woman talking about the NFL Combine, I’m thinking to myself, damn, she’s following football even in the offseason. Then you know she loves it.”


So what do you think?  Does it matter to you if a woman likes sports?

Next time:  Conspiracy Theory?

Why are more and more women getting into watching professional sports? Are they onto the Sports Goggle effect?

  1. GP says:

    As a single woman who loves sports I find this fascinating. Most other women (and some guys too) find it very odd that I’m still single, because “Oh my gosh, you are the perfect guys girl, you LOVE sports!”

    I’ve found that there is no middle ground in women & sports. Guys either love a woman who loves sports or they hate it. I just don’t get it.

    Guys are so hard to read!!

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