Louisiana Town Outraged At Authorities For Busting Drug Dealers

FERRIDAY, La. (CBS Houston) — A drug bust that resulted in 30 arrests has the town its trying to save riled, rather than relieved.

Several Ferriday residents told KALB-TV that selling drugs is, for better or worse, a significant part of the local economy.

“You have to realize, we don’t have no jobs around here or nothing,” resident Derrick Brown told the station. “Every time we try to make a little something to get on our feet or try to feed our family they come kicking the doors in and knocking us back down again.”

Early Friday morning, officers from the FBI, the U.S. Marshals Office and the Concordia Parish Sheriff’s Office cracked down on dozens of dealers. Over 200 authority figures were allegedly involved.

The arrests, which took out both individual drug dealers and members of the 6th Street Gang, were the culmination of a year-long investigation, conducted with both federal and state cooperation.

Some may regard those involved as heroes. Locals, however, see it a different way.

“Man it was a bunch of police everywhere,” Marcus Simms, another area resident, told the station. “They came and got a whole lot of people and a whole lot of snitches.”

A reported 8 ounces of crack cocaine, half a kilo of powder cocaine, and undisclosed amounts of marijuana, guns, cars and cash were all confiscated.

Investigators added that more arrests could still be in the cards.


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