Controversy Brews Over Fundraiser To Pay Medical Bills Of Alleged DWI Driver

SAN ANTONIO (CBS Houston) — An online fundraising campaign has generated controversy in its aim to help pay the medical bills of a driver suspected of driving while intoxicated.

KENS-TV reports that friends and family of Patricia Brune, 31, have begun to raise money to pay her medical bills after being involved in an accident early Monday morning, when she allegedly lost control of her car.

The cause of the crash is being investigated, and the possibility of a DWI charge is under review by local authorities.

Loved ones set up an online collection using Fundrazr, a website that combines fundraising with social media. So far, the initiative has reportedly collected $700 for Brune, a single mother.

Those opposed to the efforts feel that money should not go toward supporting someone who was driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

“She should not be raising money when she was drinking,” an unidentified woman close to the case told KENS. “You don’t get a free ride for breaking the law.”

She also noted the danger of Brune’s actions to others on the road.


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