By DAN MATHEWS, SportsRadio 610

HOUSTON (CBS Houston) – On both Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon, I like many of you watched Arian Foster and Peyton Manning’s press conferences.  Like most of you too, I was very touched by the showing of emotion by both great players.

Sure the two press conferences were delivering polar opposite bits of news.  However, it made me stop and say, “These guys are human afterall.” 

Arian Foster can be a very interesting soundbyte to say the least, with his unique outlook on life.  Yes, he has done and said some things that make you at the very least say, “hmmm…  That’s interesting.”  On Tuesday, when he was asked about the hardships he went through growing up and he told the story about his mother pawning her wedding ring to feed the family.  It definitely put things into perspective.  Here’s a guy who was undrafted, on the practice squad, worked hard to get the starting spot at running back, and then to become one of the best players at his position.  He definitely takes the “normal man’s” approach to his job, by thinking about the way he’s going to support his family, and be able to create a strong financial background for his family.  That example was definitely a chance for people who either tuned that aspect out, or vaguely knew his past.  It was pretty cool to see that like all of us, Arian Foster is human and has the same emotions when most of us think about adversity we overcame.

Then on Wednesday, I was glued to the TV fully expecting Jim Irsay and new Colts GM Ryan Grigson to announce the new direction of a team that has been in a thorn in this city’s side.  Instead, we saw the “human” aspect of the game.  With both Manning and Irsay coming to the microphone to announce the historical release of the four-time MVP quarterback.  Over the past few months, we have heard the constant conjecture of whether or not Manning would be with Indianapolis, or even play football again.  During the time, we had both sides seemingly campaigning against each other.  With that, we believed that the inevitable split would be ugly.  Far from the case!  Both Irsay and Manning showed emotion, that showed us all one thing…  They’re human! 

Very rarely in this age of high-profiled athletics, do we get to see athletes, coaches, owners, etc. show the type of emotion we saw on Wednesday.  Even for me, it reminded me of one crucial thing I have learned since joining SportsRadio610.  These guys are just normal guys, with pretty darn cool jobs.  We all got to see that over the past couple of days and this is why, we all love sports.


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