Clark Judge of joins Mad Radio. We talk about the combine and the Texans pending free agents.


features180x50 madradio Mario Has To Be Franchised

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  1. Derek says:

    Franchised? Sounds like Judge doesn’t understand Mario’s last contract and why the idea of franchising him is rediculous. To be considered an expert, you really should study what your talking about.

  2. Footballman says:

    Why is no one talking about the “welcome” Mario ws given when he was drafted. VINCE VINCE VINCE…. Houston should be ASHAMED and every fan should call and write, “We apologize Mario, we were wrong”….If I were Mario, I’d give Houston fans what they welcomed him with….NOTHING. He should RUN from these a-hole fans. He deserves a city that will appreciate a talented player. Because he wasn’t Vince, the expectation was for the 22 year old man/child rookie to come in and play at a Lawrence Taylor-type level his first two yearsl. Ridiculous. Well now, he can get HIS…So hey, VinceYoung Lovers, you have a chance to chant for Vince “Jesus” Young again…go ahead…..c’mon now a little louder….huh? OH, HE WAS A FLOP? REALLY? I hope Mario remembers the lack of respect he was given and gives Houston the ‘one finger salute’ as he drives his phat Rolls Royce to his next tean. Good Luck Mario! The Texans organization supported you, the fans deserve NOTHING…

    1. Marc says:

      I dont think its like that Footbalman. Coming off that 2 win season, the Texans needed a roster transfusion. We had seen the Texans draft DL in the past few years at that time that were duds. Tavaris Jackson and Jason Babin were awful. Taking another DL at that time seemed like same song and dance. But it was’nt . The fans wanted offensive upgrades. We were tired of David Carr and the non existant running game. I consider the Mario Williams draft pick day one of the Texans, because every day before was just a joke. We do respect Mario but we did not see what he repersented to the franchise. Personaly, I think the Texans need to make a tough choice this year. They need to let a valued member of the defence walk. I dont think it should be Mario. Cut Demico. What a tough call.

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