The Idiot Poll: Is Josh One?

Photo from Josh Innes' Facebook

Josh Innes has fans, and he has his critics. You have your reasons for having either a favorable or negative opinion of him, so tell answer this question about him.

The Houston Chronicle describes Josh as “clearly the most polarizing sports talk guy in Houston” in the last 15 years.

What’s your take?

  • Disbelief...

    Innes is trying to be the “Howard Cosell, Jr.” of Houston Sports Radio…..

  • Josh_Innes_Sucks

    Each day he sucks more than the prior day. Today he’s sucking like it’s next Wednesday.

  • MyWayIsBest

    Idiot? No…..I think he’s more of an A$$clown. He’s so determined in his opinion that he’ll say idiotic things to try and beat you into submission just so he can go home feeling superior.

    That said, he knows the business of radio and has been a part of creating an entertaining radio show. It’s funny, I think the radio host he most resembles is someone he hates…..Rush Limbaugh.

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