Whether it’s with a spouse, a roommate, or trying to get siblings to share the space, few things in Houston can cause more friction in a house than dividing up time in the bathroom. A bathroom can be shared with the least amount of conflict by following a few easy tips.

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If sharing the bathroom will be a permanent arrangement, than a few permanent changes may be necessary. Having double sinks, ample counter space, and a separate bathtub and shower are just a few changes that could make sharing the bathroom easier. These construction jobs may be a bit too complex for the everyday do-it-yourself person, so a good remodeling company will be useful. ReBath is a bathroom remodeling company located in North Houston that specializes in these kinds of projects.

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The best way to make sharing a bathroom bearable is to stay organized. Personal items should be organized in a way that keeps the bathroom neat and aides in making personal items accessible. Installing a medicine cabinet adds extra storage space for small items. Plastic containers with lids can be used under cabinets and in small spaces to store personal items, cleaning supplies, or toilet paper. A shower caddy can even keep the shower area organized. It may become apparent that more shelving or cabinet space is needed. If so, Simple Home Solutions offers shelving and cabinet options.

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Nothing says “don’t touch” like personalized items. If everyone who shares the bathroom uses the same products, it will be easy to confuse each other’s belongings. However, personalized toiletries such as homemade soaps and organic shampoos can ensure that no one’s products are confused. Some people choose to make their own soaps and include personal touches. A great place to find unique soaps and other intriguing personal items is One Green Street.

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Sharing bath towels can spark arguments. Eliminate disagreements over whose turn it is to wash towels by having individual sets of towels for each person sharing the bathroom. An easy way to do this is to color-code the towels. One person can have green towels, another can have blue, and no one is to use a color that they are not assigned to. An even fancier way of identifying towels is to get them monogrammed. This is a fun way to add a personal flair to towels. For embroidery solutions, contact Houston Advance.

Cleanliness (or a lack thereof), is the biggest issue with sharing a bathroom. All parties will have to agree to a schedule for cleaning the bathroom. Everyone also has to be respectful, diligent, and courteous when it comes to preventing messes created by leaving towels on the floor or toothpaste in the sink. Chances are, no one is going to be enthusiastic about scrubbing a tub, or cleaning a toilet, after someone else has used it. A great solution is to hire a cleaning service. Maid in the Shade is a business that offers home cleaning service.

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Amber E. Wilson is an educator, writer, and entrepreneur who lives in Houston, Texas. She has earned a Bachelor of Arts in English and a Masters of Business Administration degree. She is also the founder and Executive Director of a nonprofit home high school that helps teens earn their diploma. Her work can be found at Examiner.com.


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