Mexico Unveils ‘No More Weapons!’ Sign Made Of Firearms Along US Border

CIUDAD JUAREZ, Mexico (AP) — President Felipe Calderon on Thursday unveiled a “No More Weapons!” billboard made with crushed firearms and placed near the U.S. border. He urged the United States to stop the flow of weapons into Mexico.

The billboard, which is in English and weighs 3 tons, was placed near an international bridge in Ciudad Juarez and can be seen from the United States.

Calderon said the billboard’s letters were made with weapons seized by local, state and federal authorities.

“Dear friends of the United States, Mexico needs your help to stop this terrible violence that we’re suffering,” Calderon said in English during the unveiling ceremony.

“The best way to do this is to stop the flow of automatic weapons into Mexico,” he added.

Before unveiling the billboard, Calderon supervised the destruction of more than 7,500 automatic rifles and handguns at a military base in Ciudad Juarez.

Calderon said more than 140,000 weapons have been seized since December 2006, when he launched a crackdown against drug traffickers. More than 47,500 people have been killed since then.

One of the cities most affected by the violence is Ciudad Juarez, where more than 9,000 have died in drug violence since 2008.

Also Thursday, the country’s Attorney General said a federal prosecutor assigned to a northern state has been detained on suspicion of protecting the brutal Zetas drug cartel.

Attorney General Marisela Morales said federal prosecutor Claudia Gonzalez has been sent to prison. She didn’t say when Gonzalez was detained or give any other details.

Gonzalez was based in the city of Saltillo, capital of the border state of Coahuila.

The state on the border with Texas has seen a spike of violence as the Zetas and the Sinaloa drug cartel fight for control of drug smuggling routes into the United States.

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  • SurgioPrevente

    A simple letter to the President and Mr. Holder would be more effecrive.

    • SEGrady

      I say the US now needs a sign on the Mexico-US border that says NO MORE DRUGS….and let’s make a pact that we’ll stop the flow of guns when they stop the flow of drugs and illegals into America!

    • JOE

      There are only two solutions to this problem, Legalize drugs in America or get Mexico their own second amendment. Let us remember how the good people of Columbia solved their problem with Pablo Escobar, after their government, military and law enforcement failed to protect its people the true patriots of Columbia joined together as a independent vigilante group and hunted his ass down! NUFF SAID!

      • Harvey Morgan

        Simply put – Amen Brother!

    • Understanding

      I couldn’t agree with Felipe Calderon more. This is a huge issue and the citizen’s of Mexico are suffering on a daily basis. OK, I guess you talked us into it, we’ll pay HALF of the cost for a giant fence running the length of our shared border. There will be a huge improvement in the standard of living of each and every Mexican citizen if we could just get that fence up.

    • More of the Same'ol

      I think it would be more effective if it was in mexican – No, they don’t speak Spanish but some “Ebonic” form of it.

      • DL

        @al pearson nicely put, There crimes there problem not ours, every last one of there police and polititions are so corrupt its a joke, there is no law in mexico, only law ther is money, and eric holder himself is the only one who sold a mexican guns……

    • joey zasa


      • CleanFun


      • Kyle

        Yeah, and make the sign out of crushed illegals! wait…

      • Philly

        Make it out of crushed illegals?

      • Philly

        kyle beat me to it.

      • Scott

        excellent idea!!!!!!!!!!

      • warmonger9

        dam it dude, you beat me to the comment. lol

      • sopwith

        Yes, and make it out of the tons of garbage left behind in national parks along the border by the illegal aliens.

      • Kirk


        Heh heh, Yeah….but what would we make THAT out of??? ;-)

      • Pancho3

        We could make it out of the bras and panties the illegals leave on the rape trees.

      • Rodent

        Made out of crushed illegal mexicans

      • Harvey Morgan

        I agree with the idea of a sign – however, what good will it do when our own federal government will not enforce its own laws, and then attacks & degrades states which do enforce them Does this “state’s rights” issue remind anyone of an issue that erupted in the 1860s? Many states have attempted to bring stricter illegal alien enforcement into our laws, and have gotten nothing but “bad press” from the federal government. I love my country, & proudly served it for 14 years in the USAF, but am now considered a “possible domestic terrorist” because I believe in preserving our country’s laws by being “politically incorrect”. If our country were to come under direct attack from a declared enemy, I will still gladly risk my life to preserve her, but I will more fervently protect my right, as an American citizen, to defend the laws of our constitution, as written by the founders of this great nation, than defend the “rights” of those who wish to enter illegally & reap the rewards of citizenship without going through the proper procedures.

    • BS


      • Ken

        It’s no longer about drugs crossing from Mexico. If we could stop the flow of drugs altogether unemployment would sky. We would have to lay off drug enforcement officer, lawyers, prison guards ,and all things associated with the now corporate run prison systems.
        People would kick their addictions and all the social workers, hospital and doctors needed to manage drug addiction would be out of work.
        I’m sorry for looking behind the curtain.

      • Al Pearson

        Can we make a sign out of dead mexicans that says “No More Illegals” and put it on the border?

    • MichaelZ

      What i really like is how calderone said he has cracked down on the drug lords. how do you crack down on your money makers, besides that, if he was nit with them he would be dead already. Automatic weapons from America my ass, we all know what a crock that is, UNLESS, Holder gave them to the druggies, thats about the only way that they would have come from the USA.

    • sappershanks

      Don’t we usually go to Mexico to get automatic weapons? Not the other way around?

    • Harvey Morgan

      I seriously doubt they would even read it. They do not care about the thoughts of others – even tax paying citizens of this vountry.

    • dirk diggler

      I have an idea, let’s make a sign that says: “No more illegals!”

    • Danny81

      A letter about guns to Obama…AND HOLDER?[LMAO] Yup, that would work! Can you say “Fast & Furious?” Shur… I knew you could.

      Calderon should follow the 2nd Amendment to our Constitution’s Bill of Rights and give every Mexican citizen the right to keep and bear arms. Arm every Mexican and see whether or not the cartels prevail. There is a problem with a simple solution and NO ONE sees it! The government, dear Mexican nationals, cannot protect you… but Smith, Wesson, Colt, SIG & Sauer, et. all. can! It’s that same old argument that guns kill people. IDIOTS ALL!

    • Ken


      It’s no longer about drugs crossing from Mexico. If we could stop the flow of drugs altogether unemployment would sky. We would have to lay off drug enforcement officer, lawyers, prison guards ,and all things associated with the now corporate run prison systems.
      People would kick their addictions and all the social workers, hospital and doctors needed to manage drug addiction would be out of work.
      I’m sorry for looking behind the curtain.

    • W.E. Robindon

      If every mental midget in the US would stop buying an using dope from mexico the problem wold fix itself.

    • Hutch 7.62

      tell Eric Holder and Obama to stop giving guns to the cartels. then Calderon can erect a sign on his southern border

    • Thought Recon

      Lol! Yeah, by the time they read that sign, they have 2 or 3 of Holders Weapons slung over their shoulders and the point is moot. The sign should read…”NO MORE WEAPONS MR. HOLDER!”

      • Al

        They specifically mentioned “automatic weapons” Well, they didn’t come from the US. Since the NFA in the late 1930’s, these weapons have been highly controlled. Pres. Reagan, in 1986, made them even harder to get.

      • Mr. Dude

        So… Mexico has a big problem with corruption and violence. …and it’s our fault, how?

        Okay. Let’s assume we didn’t have the second amendment here. Are Mexico and the anti gun lobby honestly telling us that the cartels, with billions of dollars in resources, wouldn’t be able to import weapons from elsewhere? How many AK-47s do you suppose they already get from Russia and the rest of South America? Are they honestly telling us that these thugs would just throw up their hands and give up? “Oh no! We don’t have any guns! We’ll just have to stop.” What about all of the other, gruesome ways they kill people?

        Calderon must really think we’re a bunch of suckers.

      • illuminati

        Mr. Dude – It is completely our fault regardless of where the weapons come from. The entire battle is fueled by drug revenue generated by demand in the US. Stop the war on drugs and the money will dry up and the cartels will have nothing to fight over. Simple solution.

      • charles chapman

        Of course if WE had “no more weapon”s the Mexican army could run drugs across the border with less risk of am “incident”.

      • U LIE


      • freedomunrestricted

        @mileway, because it has been proven to happen before. look at prohibition of alcohol. after that was repealed violence in the streets disappeared overnight. trafficking drugs is not a profitable venture if people can buy it legally. it would make as much sense as trying to illegally smuggle sugar into the country.

      • Mileaway

        @That One Guy, why do pot smokers think if the gov opens up shop that will end anything? Do you really think the Cartels are going to say; “Oh well, I guess we’re out of business!” What kind of idiotic statement is that? Let’s see; Uncle Sam’s pot @ $10, Jose Cartel’s pot $5. Not to mention they will still kill each other and others for the same reasons they are now. Get real! We need to satellite surveil, Drone the border, auto fire towers, land mine like Korea and watch them go up in a cloud of dust or stay home!
        If Mexico and the USA really wanted to stop the cartels, a few fully armed drones could find them and send them to hell real quick. Everybody knows where they live, start blowing up their hiding places until they’re camped along the roadside. End the problem, but of course, they don’t and they won’t.

      • Mileaway

        It’s agood thing Mexico only has borders with the US. That way we know for sure there isn’t any possible way any other foriegn interest could be smuggling guns into Mexico.

      • That one guy

        The US spends billions of dollars every year on the war on drugs, a war that we’re losing. The majority of drugs that are smuggled into the US from Mexico is marijuana. Now if you had any idea of economics you would know that supply is driven by demand and that the more demand there is and the less supply there is, the more money can be charged. If I could walk into a head shop and buy an eighth of weed with a government tax stamp any time day or night, the drug dealers will cease to exist. Why? Because illicit products are always very expensive, see booze prices during prohibition. If I can go to weeds r us and pay $10 bucks for an eighth of weed, I’m not going to go to shady joe and pay twice that. When the dealers run out of customers, they start looking for real jobs.

      • Brent

        illuminati….. how exactly would the money dry up if the war on drugs was stopped? Doing such would make the job of the cartels a LOT easier…

      • Danny81

        @Illuminati, you are one ignorant individual. Lead, follow, or get out of the way, but don’t blame the USA. Despite any drug use that happens here, there are only 300M people and I can assure you that most of us do NOT use those kind of drugs! Mexico’s corruption, cartels, etc. is the source of the problem. Their laws, and the fact they the government cannot control crime, which is a major component of their gvovernment and day-to-day existence!

        Arm the Mexican populace and see what happens. They will solve their own problems. WOW! What a novel idea, not having to whine to someone else as victims looking for salvation. Physician, heal thyself.

      • Anti-Derek

        Oh just die Illuminati.

    • greg

      How about a ‘NO MORE DRUGS’ sign being posted on the U.S. side?????

      • Cogentblue

        Made out of crushed cocaine? Oh wait that wouldn’t last long, never mind.

    • Tommy Mitchell

      We’ll gladly take the weapons back if they take their illegal’s back

      Sounds fair huh ?

      • Mileaway


      • Harvey Morgan

        Not only yes, but HELL YES!

      • rawhide

        I concur :D

    • TAZ 308

      OK so they say one of their federal prosecutors was detained under suspicion of protecting one of the cartels. That seem to me like most of the problem lies with Mexico and their incapability to fight crime so they turn the US into their scape goat attacking the rights of the American citizen to bear arm. Why should we (the legal gun owners) have to pay for the Mexicans problems that lie within their own gov.. Look what happened in the UK their crime spiked because they (citizens) have no way to defend themselves. Mexico should know that we will fight for ourlives and our rights, and that if they want to make a better nation for themselves it’s up to them to decide. We are not responsible for their actions or their problems. The people who do smuggle things over ther border guns, drugs, or whatever will always find a way to do it. It is up to the Mexican gov to step up on their side and the US will do what needs to be done on our side. No matter what though there will never be a time without violence or without crime, it is just up to that gov. to punish those invovled!

  • Bill

    And we should make a sign that says, NO MORE DRUGS, NO MORE DRUG GANGS, and NO MORE ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION.

    • blinkin357

      A lot of good that would do.

    • Mr. Dude

      No more kidnapping our kids (look it up), no more torturing people heinously who won’t take bribes.

      Like @#$% we’ll give up our guns. We have guns BECAUSE of people like the corrupt disgrace that are Mexico’s “officials.” Go whine somewhere else, Calderon.

    • Loca

      I’m going to make a sign outside Mcdonalds out of french fries, that says, “NO MORE FAT PEOPLE!”. Bet Moochelle will be there to take credit, wearing all black mumu skirt, of course.

      • Bum-Thrower

        SJL needs to be there ‘mugging’ too….

  • mike

    Maybe Mexico could help BOTH of us by enforcing their borders. Meanwhile, maybe Rick Perry should make a huge billboard out of weed that says “NO MORE DRUGS!”

    • John

      It would do just as well if Amricans quit smoking pot and playing the biggest role in the supply and demand aspect of the situation!! Don’t blame mexico when it’s clear that the only reason this exist is because Americans are the biggest consumer of drugs.

      • Philly

        So, Mexico has no fault whatsoever in all of this Johnny boy?

      • Casper

        Weed coming in is the least of the problems concerning our porous southern border. Bob is right, they enforce the hell out of their southern border. Unfortunately for us, this ‘open border’ policy is a deeply ingrained agenda item for the Democratics.

      • Mr. Dude

        Yeah, we should stop consuming drugs, but how do you propose we do that? What will you do that all the others didn’t. (Yeah, I know, someone is bound to jump in and say “legalize it”) It’s a cultural issue, and that’s a real whopper of a problem on many fronts. Stopping drug consumption barely touches the problems we’ve got as a nation.

        I WILL blame Mexico because the things their corrupt officials and cartels do are beyond your imagination. There aren’t words to describe how evil these people are. Have you seen the pictures of what they do to people they don’t like? If it wasn’t drugs, they’d do something else just as bad. It doesn’t matter – we need to control our border regardless of whether there are drugs or not. There will still be horrible people down there until Mexico does something real about their crime and corruption. We need to do something besides the usual charade – something real – to secure our border.

      • Oldgrayguy

        Oldshooter, I believe you hit the nail squarely on the head. But that too will somehow be our fault … go figure.

      • Oldshooter

        If American drug usage is really the cause of the problem, how come Canada isn’t having the same kind of national crisis as Mexico? The answer is because the problem isn’t American drug usage, it’s Mexican corruption. Mordida and other forms of official corruption are considered as normal and acceptable in Mexico (and virtually all other third-world countries) as tipping is in America. Our society is founded upon the principle of the Rule of Laws, and corruption is corrosive to that principle and therefore unacceptable here. Mexican (and most other third-world countries) never moved beyond the Rule of Men principle imposed by their earlier colonizers, and that principle is aided by official corruption, so it continues to flourish. Mexico will continue to have problems like this until they change the basic social and legal principles upon which their society is based, which will be about the time Hell reaches 32 degrees Farenheit. Nothing short of a major political and social revolution there will effect any real or lasting change.

      • Jim

        SO, drug dealers get people hooked, and then you blame the addict? MAYBE the 1st time. BUT when PUSHERS who are employed by Mexico, PUSH the drugs, then its their fault.
        DRUG PUSHERS/SELLERS get DECADES more time in jail than a USER/addict. WHAT does that tell you?

    • Bob

      Mexico enforces the HELL out of their border…

      Their SOUTHERN border.

    • Steve

      If you made it out of weed you just know someone would light it and everyone would be standing downwind of it for that contact high.
      Great way to sell bags of Doritos and Twinkies though.

  • Joe B

    The article states 140,000 weapons have been seized in Mexico since 2006. The implication is those come from America. That is not true. A small percentage comes from the USA. Drug cartels want full automatic weapons. Those are not available from the USA. Those are bought internationally from international gun dealers who have no souls. So, the guns that do make it to Mexico are semi-automatic and a small percentage of the problem there. US gun shows are NOT the problem.

    • sopwith

      The Chinese are happy to sell arms to anyone. In Africa they sell arms to both sides of the perpetual wars there with hopes of thinning out the population to make it easier to colonize. They have the same plans for North America. Look up General Chi Haotian to see the transcript of a speach he made a few years ago outlining his plans

      • Jim

        AND Manchurian candidate Obama and the proletariat party know as the democrat caucus are aiding and abetting the cause of their communist masters. BUT hey, at least we get free health care.

    • Rktman

      Going to a great gun show this weekend. Woo Hoo! If i can get past all the full auot weapons and smugglers lining up to buy them that is, Sarc off!

    • Captain Furious

      The media either doesn’t understand the difference or intentionally distorts the truth to achieve their political objectives. “Automatic” weapons? Assault weapons? Meaningless terms when used by the media. Criminals in mexico don’t want what we sell in gun stores in the US. And the laws in mexico are unbelievably strict regarding possession of guns and ammo.

    • Avigdor

      You are correct. Most full auto weapons are coming from China.

      Mexico is a failed state….

      • CCar

        Just do a little research on US pages about gun selling or go to the south US border is full of gun shops and guess who is shopping the guns.

      • wes

        ..and some from Eric Holder, our Attorney General

    • Jim

      Absolutely true. I doubt RPG-7s, Chinese Grenades, RPKs/(belt fed 7.6×39, came from America.
      IF anything, they came directly from CHINA, or funneled thru Venezuela(Chavez, seeking to destabilize Mexico a, Columbia drug lords. A small percentage came from America and those vast majority came thru FAST AND FURIOUS. YES, that program that ERIC HOLDER/OBAMA knew about, yet stood before the US CONGRESS with the MEXICAN PRESIDENT, who called for repeal of OUR 2ND AMENDMENT.

  • RC

    Urges america to stop the flow of weapons into mexico? How about mexico stop the flow of illegal immigrants into the US? Besides murders have happened ever since the dawn of man. Weather it be with a stick or a gun. To get rid of murders you must get rid of people.

  • Derek

    What a waste of firearms.

    How about a “No More Drug War” billboard made of DEA agent’s badges?

    • Anti-Derek

      Or a sign that says “No More Pot Heads” made out of Dereks.

      • Andrew P.

        @Anti-Pro-Anti-Derek: Best comment all day. ROFL

      • Anti-Pro-Anti-Derek

        Or a sign that says “No More Antis” made out of OH MY GOD THE UNIVERSE IS COLLAPSING!!!!

      • Anti-Anti-Derek

        Or a sign that says “No More Authoritarians” made out of Anti-Dereks.

  • Jake Doren


  • bob

    The automatic weapons are coming from the corrupt Mexican military and federal police. You can’t buy automatic weapons, grenades and rocket launchers in American gunstores.

    • mike

      you can buy full auto parts and convert regular guns all day in the US. But why when you can get 4 from china for the price on 1 here.

      • bob

        Like i said, 99% of people cannot buy fully automatic guns in the US. Those guns are coming from the corrupt Mexican military and federal police

      • Eric

        B fn S! semi’s and full auto are completely different animals, you know nothing about guns.

      • Earl

        The only “regular” firearm in the U.S. that can be readily converted to full auto/selective fire is the M1 carbine. And if Mike checks, the sellers of the conversion parts, he’ll find many of them only sell the parts to already certified M2 carbine owners.

    • charles chapman

      But the weapons must be coming from the USA-otherwise there would be a problem the Mexicans have to solve. it’s a LOT easier to blame the norteamericanos, as usual.

    • Dary

      Fast and Furious, we sold them guns and we have done it before. It is a bad strategy.

      • Steve

        They were all semi-automatic. Fully automatic weapons are far too hard to get and too expensive here. I agree, Fast and Furious was a very bad strategy.

  • Duke Taylor

    Next a prominent Democrat will begin the assault on the second amendment,

    • Sig Sauer

      Our president has already started the assault on our 2nd Amendment. Just follow his speeches before he became president.

  • get real

    Maybe we should make one out of marijuana and cocaine and have it say “no more drugs” across our borders… it can be right next to the one that says “mind your own business” about our freedoms. Maybe if more citizens had guns there, your crime problem would be resolved. Perhaps you should put that sign up near an BATFE office that ran “fast and furious”. Law abiding gun owners aren’t sending guns to Mexico.

    • FEDUp

      Absolutely! Instead of destroying the weapons, they should have distributed them to the citizens so they could PROTECT THEMSELVES from the thugs and cartel-backed violence.
      If the implication is supposed to be that all Mexico’s gun violence stems from the flow of weapons from the US, well They need to take that up with Eric Holder. He is responsible for most of those illegal weapons winding up in Mexico.
      I would bet our administration has enlisted the help of Calderon to wage it’s war on our second ammendment rights. Remember when he was in the US addressing congress with the same message not too long ago?

  • odias

    When Mecico stops supplying drugs, We’ll stop supplying guns!!!

    • Anti-Derek

      You know, except that aside from some obama minions we aren’t supplying their guns.

      • odias

        it was tongue and cheeck. excuse the typo too…Maybe Mexico should have a warrant for arrest nameing Eric Holder, for supplying illegal weapons to drug cartels…

  • BobMbx

    We should return the favor by erecting a sign made of crushed drug dealers that says NO MORE DRUGS

  • Deskboy

    Although Calderon has a point, Surgio, Bill and Mike make excellent rebuttals. When will Mexico takes responsibility for their failings as a country? Take a lesson from the Pepes. Kill your drug cartels, it is your only choice.
    Your Army has a job to do, so do it.

    We will throw Obama out of office and Holder in prison in due course.

  • allen

    Dear Mr. Felipe Calderon
    You stop the flow of your citizens and drugs into the US and we will stop the flow of weapons into Mexico. You take care of your problems and we’ll take care of our.

  • MTB

    NO MORE ILLEGALS! F**K Mexico. Yea…play the victim role….

    • warmonger9

      I agree totally!

  • Joe A

    NIce if him to use english.

  • Willey

    Simple solution to this problem, seal both sides of the boarder.

  • Jim in California

    Richard Nixon lost his presidency for childishly bugging the DNC headquarters. Watergate burglar G. Gordon Liddy, went to prison for 4 1/2 years for his part.

    The Obama Administration has given over 3 billion to failed Solar Power entities who contributed to his campaign, bailed out General Motors, by payi9ng off the Union, while the Bond Holders received zip.

    Then Obama, Holder, and ATF director Kenneth E. Melson, concoct “Fast and Furious” to deliberately sell guns to Mexican Cartel members, “working under the radar” as Obama said to Sara Brady, in a fraudulent attempt to blame honest firearms dealers for the violence in Mexico….I well remember the dull witted Barbara Boxer stating that “the majority of guns used in crimes in Mexico, have come because of the “gun show loop hole” in America.”

    Obama, Holder, and ATF director Kenneth E. Melson belong in prison, and I seriously question the intellect of those who support Obama in spite of this criminal behavior.

    Nixon belonged out of office for his transgressions, Obama and company are an infinitely greater threat to American Liberty, for their aiding of the Mexican Cartels.

  • Bob Smith

    Where are they buying automatic weapons from in the U.S.? Those type of weapons are coming from 3rd world types in South and Central America! Don’t listen to the idiot reporters who think every gun in the U.S. is of the automatic variety. They don’t know a squirt gun from a AR-15 (semi auto rifle).

  • John

    Guns don’t kill people. Twisted, law-breaking individuals kill people. Oh yeah…and lawful citizens protecting their rights kill people, too. Long live 2A. Mexico needs to clean up their act and not waste time with these publicity stunts.

  • Mexico Unveils ‘No More Weapons!’ Sign Made Of Firearms Along US Border « CBS Houston « The Pot Stirrer

    […] Mexico Unveils ‘No More Weapons!’ Sign Made Of Firearms Along US Border « CBS Houston. Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:LikeBe the first to like this post. […]

  • Straw Man

    We’ll swap you. We’ll take ALL our guns back that IDIOTS HOLDER and OBAMA allowed illegally in your great country……..but YOU……YOU have to take back all your own people who are bankrupting OUR (once) great country! Or……we’ll take the guns and you can have Holder and Obama…….how bout that?


    • Sig Sauer

      I have a better idea – we’ll keep all the illegals that have entered our country and Mexico takes Obama and Holder!


    Sounds like a good reason to CONTROL THE F*&IN BORDER!!!!!!!

  • Fred

    Should have said: “NO MORE WEAPONS ERIC!”

  • Jeff

    Dear President Calderon: F–K YOU!!!!!

    Love, an American citizen who is fed up with your corrupt government and all of the citizens that you allow to come to the US illegally.

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