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This is the sexiest one minute in radio as Laura Reynolds delivers the most tempting traffic report you’ll ever hear.

header610x100 joshrich1 Sexy Traffic: Friday, January 27th

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twitter Sexy Traffic: Friday, January 27th
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  1. Shirley says:

    I agree that feedback is very itanrmpot in terms of motivation! Feedback also ties in nicely with conflict (CH.8). As we have learned in class conflict and be either dysfunctional or functional. When feedback is delivered in a non-constructive, critical manner (for example, the first judge’s comment about tasting fluids in the ribs) it is bound to create dysfunctional conflict. The conflict is dysfunctional because the judges do not provide feedback that is encouraging or provides suggestions for improvement ( I don’t know if the judges knew the contestants would be watching or not, but perhaps if the judges had known they would’ve been more mindful of their reactions). Furthermore, the harsh feedback from the judges results in all three types of conflict: personal, substantive, and procedural. Personal conflict (arising over differing values and personalities) is noticeable when the contestants start using profanity in response to the judges’ feedback; overall the contestants’ body language is that of dejection and attitudes are negative. Substantive conflict(arising over tasks and task goals) is evident because the contestants can’t seem to meet the judges’ standards and give them what they need. Finally, procedural conflict (how work should be completed) is clearly present when a contestant comments that judges should judge solely on taste and not on presentation/appearance. I think tactful and continual feedback could actually prevent conflict altogether. Had the delivery of the judges’ feedback been pleasant and insightful to the contestants, the judging portion of the show would’ve been a more positive and helpful experience for all.

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