MUSTANG, Okla. (AP) — A suburban Oklahoma City school district has suspended a ninth-grade student and is investigating whether a substitute teacher whose photograph was taken on a cell phone was asleep on the job.

Mustang school district officials say a Mustang Mid-High School student snapped a picture of what appears to be a man with his eyes closed behind a school desk last week.

A district spokeswoman told The Oklahoman a faculty member saw the photo on a social media website and reported it to the principal.

It’s not clear if the photo was taken during class time.

School officials say cell phones are allowed on school grounds, but can’t be used during class.

The names of the student and the substitute teacher under investigation weren’t released.

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Comments (3)
  1. Mitchell Schuller says:

    Yes, it is ridiculous, and if this were my kid, I’d be pretty angered over this. We should applaud the kid for knowing what a teacher should NOT have been doing. This nonsense of a school knowing what a kid has on his Facebook page is also troubling. I think schools need to stay out of a students life outside of school, that needs to be addressed. The school has certainly overreacted and should learn to scold its employees and not students. As far as him “using” his cell phone in class, one could argue that technically, he did not. He used a device as a camera. And while he should probably only be slightly reprimanded, schools had better start focusing on a students education a bit more because they’re lucky we’re not reprimanding them more than they already should be.

  2. Dylan Thompson says:

    The stupid kid needs to realize that you don’t rat other people out. It will help him when he gets to prison.

    1. Tommy says:

      It sounds like you speak from a ‘B#t%7es” point of view.

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