Serial Killer Targeting Pit Bulls In Houston Area


HOUSTON (CBS Houston) — A pet serial killer is on the loose in the Houston area.

Seven dogs were found dead, six of them pit bulls, over the Martin Luther King holiday weekend. Three of those pit bulls were fatally shot, while the other four dogs suffered blunt trauma to the head.

“We started finding an unusual number of dead dogs, all of them pit bulls,” Emily Crossley, founder of Backstreet Brutality & Relief, told CBS Houston. “Two were found on top of each other … another one was found shot in the head inside a crate.”

The dogs were found in an area where there is a lot of litter and debris.

Crossley said there is suspicion that a dog-fighting ring might be behind these pit bull deaths, but that there are “some things that don’t add up.

“All these dogs appeared that they were pet dogs, no fighting wounds,” Crossley told CBS Houston. “They were not fighting dogs.”

She added that it is “highly unusual” for pit bulls to be targeted.

“There are other dogs usually killed,” Crossley said.

Houston police are on the case but they don’t have much to go on since there was little evidence at the scene.

No suspects have been named in the case.

  • George Kelley

    I can remember when the fear mongers singled out the Doberman Pinschers. Dog attacks by dobermans filled newspapers and Hollywood even made a film about dobermans attacking their owners.

    These days it is the Pitt Bulls that get attention by the fear mongers and some people are acting on that fear to judge by these serial shootings.

    • bob1567

      Years ago it was the Doberman that was all the rage with people who like to buy a dog for a weapon. These days it’s the pit bull. There’s no rational excuse for bringing one of these awful creatures home.

    • Brad

      Gnubi… You’re right. The 18 month old would have to go.

    • Miguel

      Stereotypes about dogs (or people for that matter) don’t catch on unless there is some truth to them.

      • Phebie

        Miguel, ignorance creates sterotypes more often than truth.

      • sylvie

        I would agree with you only in part, because you certainly fit the stereotype of a person who lives their lives by “one liners”. Oh please, try hard to get a real life before you die!

    • the Dude

      The individual killing these animals needs to be hunted down…. and given a medal. Hopefully this will spread across the country. I’m going to start in my neighborhood today.

      Amazing the morons that always come out in defense of these savage animals (they should not even be classified as dogs). Their latest and most most ignorant argument is that Dobermans were treated the same way.

      • Simon

        come on my property and you will be shot. my dogs guard my livestock and are fenced. but luckily in my state I can shoot you for trying to harm my property, like my dogs

      • Luis

        Nobody is coming onto your property Simon so calm down chief.

      • Anne Marie Grossman

        I invite you to my house to meet my APBT. Her name is Havoc, btw. Also, she’s a certified therapy dog and a canine good citizen. A family member of mine has Rheumatiod Arthritis (look it up and see how debilitating it is) and Havoc is quite the alert watchdog whenever I’m not home to care for this family member. She was also instructed in Schutzhund Training… God forbid someone breaks into my house with a family member there who can’t defend themselves.

        So you see… it’s not the breed my dear, that you should judge by…it IS the deed.

      • bob1567

        “Pit bull attacks, kills owner”

        Spotslyvania, Virginia (NBC) — Neighbors of a Spotslyvania, Virginia man are having a tough time believing his dog would turn on its owner and kill him.

        Frank Collins is puzzled beyond belief.

        “Makes you wonder how you can raise a dog all the way from a puppy and love it and be in the house every day and what would make it turn on an owner like that,” he said.

      • DBR

        The individual killing these animals needs to be hunted down…and get the life beaten out of him by real men, along with the Dude for being such a stupid idiot. Two less cowardly trash beings masquerading as “men”. The dude, you are no different than the trash who is murdering the dogs. Dogs. Dogs. Dogs. You are the savage animal, and I hope you get put down because you deserve it more than they do. I have no doubt you will because you just sound dumb.

    • jerrykregle

      Back in the early 80’s I wasn’t quite 11 when I was sitting on my neighbors porch
      petting Sissy the Doberman. Some neighborhood bullys the human form walked by
      and one of them threw a rock at me and started after me.
      3 10/s of a second didn’t go by before this punks shorts were full of foam and soaked with urine

    • Cal Burke

      When was the last time you read this headline ?

      “Golden Retriever mauls toddler.”

      Here is a pretty good wiki:

    • A

      So by most of the logic on this thread, all black people should be killed too right? I mean if you look at the crime statistics, black people account for the majority of the crime, so that makes them useless and anyone that murders a black person is doing the city a faqvor? Pits are great dogs, all they want to do is please their owner, thus, if you train the dog to be violent, he will be as violent and agressive as he possibly can to make his owner happy…..

      • ABC

        So what you’re saying is that black people = dogs.

        Good logic.

      • Berserk Liberals

        ‘Pits’???????? Is that the hip hop term for minority pet of choice? Are you asking if black people and Pit Bulls are both disproportionately violent? Stop the politically correct diversity BS. You sound like president hip hop and the first wookie.

      • michael

        kill all black people? you figured it out! guess you follow Darwin’s lead, as laid out in his classic “On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the PRESERVATION OF FAVOURED RACES in the Struggle for Life”. vote democrat, do you? favor a woman’s right to choose? figured out the hypocrisy in all that yet? shame on you for even suggesting, even “joking”, all black people should be killed.

        my neighbor had a pit bull from puppyhood, part of the family, only growled at outsiders. neighbor believed love the dog, dog will love you. about 14 months old, that testosterone-laced adolescent dog proved my neighbor wrong about peace and co-existance. three separate visits to the ER, over thirty stitches, proved to that mature adult male human that the pit bull you love, loves EATING you.

      • AtlasObjectivist

        Yeah… way to grasp moral equivalence, blacks and pit bulls, same thing, you freaking moron. Do the world a favor and take self action to eliminate your carbon footprint.

      • Doc d20

        “So by most of the logic on this thread, all black people should be killed too right?”

        Only if you’re implying that the mental capacity and aptitude of blacks doesn’t exceed that of the average canine.

        Irony here folks: Racist (delta) trying to play race card ends up revealing his/her own racism.

        Folks crying, “Racism!” are the real racists.

      • asjdhasihdjaskjh

        Pits from a healthy historic line are good dogs. Pits from dog fighting lines have the traits bred in to them. So there’s a few different genetic lines floating around the country.

      • Brutus

        It would certainly reduce prison over crowding and welfare subsidies now wouldn’t it?

      • KevinVA

        I love how a story about pit bulls turned into a race baiting game… Is there nothing liberals won’t pull the race card about?

      • Fedupmama

        All you nitwits that have replied negatively to this persons post need to read again.

        “So by most of the logic on this thread, all black people should be killed too right?”

        According to statistics, you are more likely to be robbed, raped and/or killed by a BLA CK MALE between the ages of 17-35 in America than any other race!

        So get your head out of your arses and pay attention. You are calling this person a racist is really just screaming “hey I am ignorant and have no reading comprehension skills”

      • bob

        True enough.

        He’s just silly and dumb.

      • responding to moron

        Only morons compare people to dogs. You don’t have to agree to killing any group of people because you think a type of dog should be killed off. Comparing a human’s life to a dog’s life is comparing apples and airplanes, i.e. there is no comparison.

    • SteveMM

      My father was a plastic surgeon for 35 years and had to rebuild the faces of no less than 50 children in that time. Every single one was bitten in the face by a pit bull. You sir are naive, go look at the facts on dog bites.

      • ShanT1969

        I have serious doubts the identification of the dogs in all 50 cases was correct, especially if you can say “every single one was bitten by a pit bull”. When it comes to breed identification, experts can not be correct 100% of the time….not even 60% of the time. So we are going to rely on the victim or a witness or, even worse, the media’s opinion on what type of dog actually did the biting? Bad idea. (especially when the media knows a “Pit Bull Bites” story gains a lot of attention).

        Referring to dogbites as a source for unbiased, fair information is the worse thing anyone could do. If you really are open to looking at the FACTS (not misleading statistics, some even provided by the CDC who has even admitted there “statistics” are not accurate because they were based on media reporting)…please read “Pit Bull Placebo”. It is not about the Pit Bull, it is about the history of people and dogs working together. Very informative and very educational.

        Something everyone should remember about media reports on dog bite/attacks (no matter what breed) is whether ot not the dog was a family pet (socialized, cared for, with human contact regularly), a resident dog (animal left in back yard with no socialization, no human contact…often chained) or a guard dog (trained or used to guard property). If we were to actually perform follow up on all the media reports about dog bites, we would find the dog was either a resident or guard dog…not a true family pet. And again, what the media has called a family pet (only because the family owns it) in the past has almost always turned out to be a resident dog.

        Another point is that dogs are animals…not humans with the ability to reason. Most dogs give warmings before they bite. The most common for humans to identify are body language and sound. It is so rare that a dog just snaps and attacks, there is always a sign…and I bet that Golden Ret. gave one…just nobody saw it.

        Seems so naive for poeple to continue to judge a dog by the breed as a whole and not by their actions and most importantly, the enviroment which cultivates the actions. There is SO much information out there about the failure of BSL and the failure of breed identification and how easily man’s best friend can be rehabilitated even after horrible treatment because in the end Steve…humans have taken thousands of years to make the canine exactly what it is today…an animal that relies COMPLETELY on human interaction and care to THRIVE and survive.

      • Simon

        I will deny it, real facts will deny it, GFY.

      • Phebie

        I call BS on your story sir!!

      • Greg Mitchell

        Simon-the facts in this ‘pro pitbull link’ are totally skewed. What a joke!!
        Bull shyt!!!!!!
        Peeps believe anything they want to hear

      • Simon

        All the facts anyone has posted so far are bogus or skewed.

      • bob

        All the folks over at the trailer park are solidly on your side on this issue.

      • Avenger

        Let’s see you back up your wild claims. You have a very good imagination, I’ll say that.

      • Fedupmama

        Really, well busy guy to have been present to positively identify all the dogs in each of those attacks and STILL have enough time for surgery WOW!
        I call shenanigans on you sir! Unless your daddy was at each one of those attacks and was a dog expert so he could tell the difference, you sir are a LIAR.

    • dirk winston

      no collar, no leash, fighting or not trespassing “pets” will be shot on sight.

      • Christina

        so the dog that was shot in his crate was trespassing and deserved to be shot. sounds good NOT!

    • europa3962

      THis is despicable

      However, I beleive you are missing something. I have 3 german shepherds. Where dobs, rotts or shepherds differ from pit bulls, is that they (pit bulls) have been bred over the last 20-30 years with undesirable aggreessive traits. I don’t think they should be banned but pit bulls are far more dangerous now than 30 years ago. Its not the fault of the dogs, but until quality breeders can reintroduce more passive traits, pit bulls will be under scrutiny and suspicion. Now if we could eliminate the thugs and low lifes that breed and fight these dogs, then the pit bull might be rehabilitated. The people not so much.

    • Abdul Keddou

      Someone who kills unleashed pitbulls roaming the streets is NOT a serial killer, but rather a PUBLIC SERVANT.

      • warbonds

        Agreed, my hero.

    • Pat

      Speaking of fear mongers, a possible suspect in these attacks could be ex-con John “J.P.” Goodwin, who has a criminal record related to animals and was at the center of the February 2009 “Wilkes County massacre ” (google it) of 146 pit bull dogs and puppies. Goodwin also signed the infamous “Fay/Faye fundraising letter” (google it), written by his friend Wayne. Goodwin is wealthy now, but still quite dangerous.

      • warbonds

        another hero !!!

    • KRJ

      My niece was attacked by a pit bull, and would have been killed if her brother did not intervene. She had to go through surgery and therapy to recover. She was friends with the family who owned the dog, and the dog was friendly toward her. As far as we know the dog was not abused, it just snapped. The attack did occur at the dog owner’s property. Her brother dropped her off at the house and the dog attacked while she was walking to the house. It’s not the first time she was alone with their dog. They had to put the dog down to ensure no other attacks occur. Not trying to make a case one way or another, just providing a single data point based on my family experience.

    • Terry Rohan

      its the pigs, they culled the deer population by my home, in the night with sharpshooters and night vision. An alderman spayed WD40 on the bait to scare off the deer and got charged with felony EPA charges, and terrorism, because it was state land, “forest preserve” in Chicago

    • calling george's bluff

      Please provide your name, address, and phone number. I’d like for you to keep my three pit bulls while I go out of town. Don’t worry, they are safe with other dogs and toddlers. I’ll call you with the dates as soon as your reply. Don’t worry, I’ll give you some money for your trouble.

    • MG

      I assume there’s a reason there’s a reason they’re called ‘Pit Bull” and not “Tea Cup Poodle’.

    • Nic

      Outlaw these idiotic dogs..and the owners too.

    • Tideliner

      I rather see repeat (human) offenders shot..
      On the same note, society has no sympathy for an animal that viciously attacks unprepared joggers on an all to regular basis. Put them down, I’ll pay any expenses for ammunition, arms, or legal defense.

    • Rick

      Had a Grand-daughter attacked by a pit bull at a city park. The demon did enough damage that she had terrible pain. I ran a full page ad offering $1000 for every pit bull body they brought me. Ended up paying out $18,000, well worth it.
      The one that attacked her was all mine. Beat that hound from hell with a baseball bat and took my sweet time doing it.
      Best part is, haven’t seen one around town in years but if I do, I’m a damn good shot.
      My Grand-daughter is much better now with a bunch of scars and a fear of all dogs.

      • georgia

        You are a sick sob, I feel bad for your grand daughter, grandpa is an a$$hole. the dog probably went mean because the owner, YOU mistreated it and it was scared. Burn in hell, moron.

      • warbonds

        Good for you, the only good ptibull is a dead one, keep up the good work, you sir, are a true hero.

      • Dan

        Great job, Rick. Moron.

    • Japes Macfarland

      George, as a result of all that exposure, far fewer people bought dobermans as pets; which explains the fewer incidents now. The issue is simply that some types of breeds are more prone to attack people than others. Dobermans and pit bulls, obviously, are two of them.

    • NowYouKnow

      Well, this news should be good for promoting tourism. Or not. What we have here is a public service. Not a serial killer.

    • Gary Kaplan

      Dobermans are not what they used to believe. The vicious ones have not been breed in this country. Years ago I meet a dog trainer for the US Army in WWII. He trained mostly dobermans and said he would never trust one not to turn on the owner. Recently I knew a doberman that would be useless as guard dog or for protection. People would still be afraid, but all the aggression was breed out.
      Your right pit bulls are the new dobermans and they have earned it bite by bite, baby by baby. Pit bulls now are responsible for 60% of the dog attack deaths in the US, yet they are only 5% of the dogs.

    • Kill all pit bulls

      You are a moron. Anotjher pit bull apologist. There’s something in those dogs that is vicious, period. And it is NOT the owner’s fault, because the first thing an owner says after his pit bull mauls a kid’s face is “But we treated him so well, he was such a good doggie!”

      Freaking idiot.

    • Kill all pit bulls

      You are a moron. Another j/o pit bull apologist. There’s something in these dogs that is vicious, period. It is NOT the “owner’s fault” when a pit bull hurts of kills someone. The first thing a pit bull owner says after his mutt mauls a kids face off, is “But we treated him so well, he was such a good doggie!”

      Freaking idiot.

    • Peter

      I can’t remember how many stories I’ve read about pit bull type breeds (those commonly referred to as Pit Bulls even though they technically are not) BRUTALLY attacking a person and then see the quote – “he was always such a sweet dog who never hurt anybody. He’s been a part of our family for years and never even growled. We can’t explain why he did this.”
      These fanatics who insist on protecting a type of dog that is far more dangerous than others can’t be reasoned with. My guess is that their minds would only be changed when it’s their dog killing or seriously injuring someone.
      They are like-minded to those people who insist on getting a tiger or lion thinking that they’ll raise it sweet and it will be so cool.
      What makes me laugh so hard as they compare a poodle attack which will usually result in a bandaid to an attack that will most likely result in at least an emergency room visit.
      I’ve witnessed lots of different breeds of dogs get into fights with other dogs in the park, on the street or at the PetSmart, and this pit bull TYPE of dog can’t be compared in savagery to what happens when a lab or boxer gets in a fight.
      If you have a pit bull type of dog, and it’s out where someone can kill it, then obviously you’re not in control of your dog and you’ll get zero symapthy from me. I see this type of dog in my yard, the shotgun comes out. My health of my children will not be jeopardized by some fool who lets this type of dog wander.

  • atommc

    There must be a Michael Vick joke in here somewhere.

  • Casper

    This assasin has just put a mark on his own head.

    • NOPITJack

      What a reckless comment to make Casper. But then again, you must be one of those pit bull owners, right? These animals are useless and were bred solely for dumb people’s ancient entertainment. They need to be “un-bred” from the face of the earth. No “dis-respect” intended here. My 6 year old was badly mauled by a pack of these worthless, oportunistic, and predatory gang-pack creatures. They are BAD news and will return to their killer instincts at the first opportunity they get (like running loose in the streets with other dogs). It is people like you who are the real “assasins”.

      • Simon

        you are useless, my dogs prtoect my livestock and my family, out in the country and are fenced in. What do you do that is useful.

      • Big Mouth Cowboy

        Sorry for your situation. You are one of the people who should be commenting on this. There would not be at pitbull left in my community if one of them mauled one of my kids. You are spot on!

      • mjs

        you might be the dumbest person to ever post a comment

      • kevin

        My cousin was mauled by a Dalmation. Maybe we should erradicate them, too. Why not just eliminate any dog that weighs over 30 lbs, since they are capable of harming children?

      • Tara Iarusso

        Sorry for what happened to you. You cannot condemn an entire breed because of isolated incidents. Pit bulls were once considered nanny dogs here and abroad. They are not different than any other athletic and strong breeds. They do not have a jaw that locks, that’s one of the many myths about them. Nearly any breed can be bred and treated inhumanely to make them attack dogs and/or people. Many attacks are blamed on pitties when it’s actually other breeds because many people don’t know what a pitbull actually looks like. I’ve had nothing but positive experiences with pitties.

        I know one that is a therapy dog (even after having experience years of abuse) one that participates in a children’s reading program at a public library and my brother’s pit who I lived with in harmony for 5 years. I am sorry for what happened to you but the fact is Pitties are not responsible for the most attacks or bites in the country but that’s not what the hysterical media presents to us. I urge everyone to do their homework on this. Pitties are generally great dogs!!!

      • Simon9

        I got bit once by a German Shepard. So did my brother. By a different German Shepard. So that proves it. Let’s wipe them out!

        Fact is the bully breeds are strong and if trained to be aggressive, or if they’re abused, they can be dangerous as can many other breeds. But the fact is Staffordshire Terriers (a close cousin to the Pit Bull) make wonderful pets and have great dispositions.

        I know. I have one. People who hate Pit bulls because they’re “all dangerous” are simply ignorant about them.

      • Kate

        You obviously do not know a thing about pit bulls. You are a misinformed idiot. It’s sad how stupid people can be about subjects they don’t know anything about.

      • jerrykregle

        NO Jack YOU need to be UN-Bred

        I don’ Own a Bully Breed I have a Lab and a Golden
        ITs the OWNER not the dog to blame

      • Beth

        I’m a pit bull owner, and I must say I haven’t had a problem one out of my dog. I’ve got 5 daughters that would have to say they feel VERY SAFE around our pet. It’s not the breed, but the owner that has them. This goes for all breeds of dogs. I’m gonna have to say, a small dog would bite your kids before a pit bull. The problem is the people, not the dog. If you don’t know what your doing when it comes to training these dogs, then yes you might have a problem. That’s why we’re trying to get the RIGHT info out there.

      • Karla

        NOPITJack, don’t bother. These Pitt Bull people are selfish and blind to any truths. They like being edgy, and telling people “I own Pitt Bulls” then see the looks on peoples faces. It gives them attention they otherwise can’t get because they are usually unremarkable people. They think it makes them different and dangerous, and brave to have what we all know to be a dangerous pet living in their homes. But, we don’t think that. We think they are stupid and selfish, and self absorbed. They don’t care that they put others in danger. They are the same as women who have savage animal criminals as sons who then defend them when they beat someone up. “Not MY kid. He is a GOOD kid (because he doesn’t beat ME up” when we all can see he is a worthless menace to the rest of us.

      • Leela

        I was attacked several times by dogs when I was a kid, never once did I believe they should be destroyed. I still feel uneasy around german shepards but the breed shouldn’t disappear.

      • nikki


      • bob

        It seems that every pit bull owner has said exactly the same thing just before finding their child or neighbor killed or maimed by one of these trailer-trash dogs.

      • DBR

        NOPITJack: Really? Really? I am sorry for your child – but to hate ALL pit bulls because of this attack it like hating ALL blacks because one raped and murdered a women. Just senseless and such a step back in thinking.

      • Ginny

        Typical pit response to a person who’s child or dog was seriously injured or killed by a pit. I’m surprised you didn’t usual the usual “it was an unfortunate accident”.

      • DBR

        Typical you say? Meaning oft said. Then maybe it’s the consensus.

    • azjeff1963

      maybe a parent that has lost a child perhaps to a dog attack?

  • Realist

    If they’re loose in the streets, they deserve to be smoked.

    • windever

      how would you light one f these things

      • azjeff1963

        with a 40 cal

  • GVnana

    This is a bad thing?

    If their owners can’t keep them where they belong, maybe this guy is doing the city a favor.

    • Jordan Paul Funk

      Doesnt give them the right either way, especially if theyre not in any danger

    • gypsygirl

      ?? One was shot IN HIS CRATE! That does not sound like this dog was out wandering the streets growling at small children and stealing old ladies’ purses. If a dog is put down by someone being attacked or protecting a child from an attack or the like, then I fully support the actions, but to shoot a dog while it is trapped in a metal box, that’s just disusting.

  • tompucker

    its a useless breed and they all look the same to me.

    • Gary Kaplan

      They are the #1 dogs to guard meth labs and 6/10 drug dealers prefer pit bulls.

    • Tara

      They are fantastic dogs, You don’t know what you’re talking about!

      • Simon

        I have three and they guard my livestock and my children. They sleep with my children, run the fields with my chickens pigs and cows. We breed them to keep 2 every 2 yrs to keep as work dogs. Our property is fenced so they cannot get out. If someone came on our property to hurt our family, dogs or livestock, they would develop a quick case of lead poisoning. But if one of our dogs was loose on someone else property I would not hold it against them if they shot the dog. I completley understand. You have the right to protect you property.

      • Jordan Paul Funk

        Agreed, they are great!

      • Mr.Fitnah

        Did getting that tattoo on your neck hurt?

  • TQ

    There are some dogs on the side of a street. Not sure, but they look like they could be pit bulls. Been there for a few days. On the 1-45 frontage rd b/w greens rd and gears rd.

    • Christina

      Are they strays or are they someones pet? If they’re strays did you call someone? If they’re someones pet are you trying to get this guy or someone else to “take care” of them. And when you say they look like they could be pits, are you sure they aren’t a mastiff, or a american bulldog or even maybe a boxer. Not every muscular dog with a boxy head is a pit bull or dangerous.

  • Garth

    Pit Bulls have killed and hurt so many childen here in Georgia that I hope this guy will come here next befor he’s caught. These dogs are nothing but maiming machines.

  • Big Mouth Cowboy

    Thank you kind, brave sir. The peaceful dog and innocent kid owners in your neighborhood applaud your service. If you are caught, the good citizens of Houston should pay for your defense! It may not be the correct way to address the problem but I’m happy to see someone doing something to illustrate how much the common man dislikes this breed and is sick and tired of people defending them. They are dangerous and should be outlawed – friendly dog owners unite!

    • Jordan Paul Funk

      To think you call yourself a dog lover, dogs are just like people, you have good ones and bad ones regardless of race or breed in this case, not to mention it also comes down to how they are raised

    • HoustonMom24

      I agree with your sentiment. Except for the one in the crate – unless he knew that animal had already caused someone harm, or was being mistreated by his owners to become a threat to society.

    • cunno2001

      There is not ONE person in my neighborhood that would feel tht way about my dog. If you or your cowboy friends came around here with your oversize stetsons, jeweled jockstrap and a weapon looking to hurt this bull, you’d be brought back to cowboy land (if they even wanted your carcass) in a box. Bank on it, BIG MOUTH.

  • Marshmont Montgomery

    “A Dog is very religious and its religion is free from superstition. The god it believes in is its master, and that god actually exists, and is actually concerned about its welfare, and actually rewards it and punishes it, on a plan comprehensible to Dogs and meeting with their approval, for its virtues and vices. Dogs need not waste any time over insoluble theological problems. Their god is plainly visible and wholly understandable — they have no need of clergy to guess for them, mislead them and get them into trouble.” ~ H.L. Mencken


    • Cowman

      A dog is a dog. They are not like humans, even though people ascribe human qualities to them. They do not think . They do not plan They do not regret. They are not generous. They operate on instinct or learned behavior.
      The apologists for the pit bull have a lot to learn. A dog’s basic temperament is inherent. It is a unique trait of the breed and a bred-in characteristic. It may be modified by training but not removed. Any geneticist or animal breeder would understand this. Breed the smelling ability out of a bloodhound and you no longer have a bloodhound. Duh.
      I like dogs but on the ranch I managed for fifty years, we shot stray ones by the pickup truck load. The Houston killer may be doing a service for the community.

      • georgia

        You sound like a real a$$hole. My dog is probably smarter than you, is not a danger to anyone or anything, as you seem to be. I wish you had been trampled by your bulls or whatever animals had the misfortune of your “managment”.

  • Vincent

    Are all of you idiots or just products of failed parenting? One of these dogs was in a crate. Was he nice enough to walk into the crate and await his execution?

    Somebody is killing house dogs, domestic pets that haven’t hurt anybody. There is nothing saying they were running loose or aggressive.

    Killing pets is beneath contempt.

  • Ric

    Look for someone who’s child has been mauled or killed by a pit bull.

    • Simon9

      Look for someone who’s peaceful pet has been killed by a nut with a gun killing dogs that can’t even fight back to save their lives.

  • Schmitty

    NOPITJack, exactly why I DON’T have a pet anything. I have had dogs before and never have they turned on me or anyone I know, but now I have three more important things to think about and protect. “Casper” must not be married or have children. I challenge anyone to challenge me about me feelings of self and family preservation.

    • Jordan Paul Funk

      Challenge accepted mate, I know a husband and wife with a daughter and there are 2 pitbulls that live in-doors with them and someone has tried to break into their house before and thats the only time those dogs have acted viscious was to save their girl

  • Ben Humphries

    favorite dog of drug pushers and pimps in da hood………….
    responsible for 0ver 30% of dog attacks……….

    • kevin

      True. Dogs owned by people will do harm will do the most harm.

      According to the American Temperament Testing, Pitbulls score just as high as Labs. YOU CAN MAKE ANY DOG INTO A VISCIOUS DOG!!!!!!!!

      • SK

        The DESTRUCTIVE potential of a Pitbull is still much higher than that of a lab. The body count proves it, hands down.

  • PJ

    I could care less and judging by many of the Pit Bull owners I’ve encountered over the years someone should take them out too. 9 times out of 10 it’s white or ghetto trash. Sick of these animals and sick of their owners.

    • Beth

      Could you tell that to my 5 daughters that love our pit bull. That they should die to. Just because they own a pit bull. It was my kids that wanted our pit bull. They picked him out. How would you like it if someone said this about you because of your pet. That is such BS… Maybe all of you should go sit with a pit bull. Maybe then you wouldn’t be so quick to judge them, because of the stories you see on tv. By the way I’m not white or ghetto trash. I’m middle class. Going by your comment, you must be white or ghetto trash.

      • the Dude

        Let me make this clear. If I see your animal in my neighborhood it’s dead. Try getting a life.

    • Simon

      Come and try, I live in the country, I am an analytical scientist for one of the largest pharma firms in the world. I also have a small organic farm with my wife and small children. We have 3 pitbulls, they are guardian dogs and protect the livestock and sleep int he kids rooms at night. I am sick of you POS city people trying to tell us what to do with our own property. so luckily I live in a state where I can shoot you for coming on my property and acting aggressively towards my animals. But you ignorant fascists are such pnaises in person it doesn’t matter.

      • bob

        You can take the boy out of the trailer park… but sometimes you just can’t take the trailer park out of the boy.

        Ever heard of Australian Shephards sport?

    • The Menstruator

      Sounds like someone is an idiot racist!!! I have a pitbull and i bet my household income towers over yours. I think your mouth would best be served doing something else.

      • bob

        There are certainly exceptions to the rule. However, these dogs are the first choice of poorly educated white trash and gehtto dwellers.

        No offense but that’s simply a fact of life and really not debatable.

  • me

    This may be a grudge against the breed. Some this peron knows may have been harmed by a pittbull and he is exacting revenge.

  • dee

    This is BARBARIC! and I hope they find and punish the person responsible for this . When we start making crimes against animals the same punishment as crimes against humans, maybe people will take this serious.

    • SK

      No. THIS is barbaric. Animals are not people. We have all been eating and wearing animals all our lives. Projecting your fear of other people into ‘love’ for your pet is childish and a very dangerous way to think.

      I do not condone needless cruelty to animals, but I will not deify them either. There are plenty of dogs to choose from that have no where near the destructive potential (likelihood, even) of Pit Bulls. Just because the dog eats from you and your daughter’s hands doesn’t mean the rest of us should have to risk losing ours when he ‘inexplicably’ chooses to one day ‘act out of character’.

      The statistics do not lie. Pit Bulls are extremely dangerous on average and they are NOT PEOPLE. Outlawing Pit Bulls is in no way analogous to re-instating black slavery or whatever silly parallels people choose to draw.

      Without good owners, most Pit Bulls go bad. It takes a lot of training and effort to be a good owner. There are a LOT of owners out there. Do the math.

      At the very least, a license and certified training should be required to own a pit bull. To increase the awareness of the OWNERS, who see nothing but innocence and charm in their pets and brilliance in their own skill as masters until it’s too late.

      • Simon

        No some of specifically get them for the terrier charactersitics. It makes them great varmint hunters and protectors for your livestock when trained properly. They are property, Youdo not have a right to take my property because you don’t approve of it.

      • bob

        BS. Pit Bulls are absolutely terrible with livestock and will kill farm animals for the fun of it.

        Real farmers use such animals as Australian Shepherds.

  • SnoopDog

    These dogs are so dangerous that its obvious that they’ve resorted to even killing themselves.

  • 463466363

    My neighbor’s pit bull is sometimes let outside by their kid. It has growled at me a few times. I told that family that I am afraid of their pit bull. It is ridiculous that I have to be careful just to go outside to check my mailbox. If it ever attacks me, I will sue that family…

  • PitBullOwner

    I have owned pitbulls nearly 27 years, and have never had one bite. You are a narrow and feeble minded idiot if you can honestly buy a statistic that says one breed is inherently more dangerous than another. I can prove to you through statistics that any race of humans is more inherently more dangerous than another too. Should we kill all of them? Dogs are raised right or their not. You dont want your dog to bite? Train it not to bite. Simple as that. If it does bite, be responsible to the rest of the community and put it down instead of letting it loose. As far as your small children being mauled by pit bulls? Where were you when it happened? Maybe you should NOT have left them alone in the yard at 5 or 6. Be grateful they werent abducted or any other horrible thing that could happen to a child at that age. The long and short of it being all dogs are of the same Genus and capable of the same pack mentality. Its their nature, just like wolves or lions. Maybe we should kill all carniverous animals off in the world. Your children would be safe then, and it would relieve you of the responsibility of watching and taking care of them like a parent should…The world will always be a dangerous place, and mass genocide of any creature because it scares you is foolish.

    • SK

      What makes anything dangerous? Two things:

      1. The ability to do harm
      2. The willingness to do harm
      3. The propensity to do harm

      Pitbulls score very high on all 3.
      Pitbulls are NOT people.
      Pitbulss are not useful to society in any way other than as companion pets
      There are LOTS of companion pets to choose from
      There is a body count and high incident rate of maulings associated with this breed much more than any other companion dog breed. Fact, not fantasy.

      The fantasy is that they are all just cuddly little shmoopies looking for love. A good owner can have that sort of relationship with his own dog, but the dog will always be to some degree unpredictable around other people

      As a member of the society in which we both live, my vote is for mandatory training and licensing of all large and categorically (statistically) aggressive and destructive dogs.

      Owners who ‘love’ these dogs need to demonstrate the same level of responsibility as the owner of a firearm. They likewise need to be held to the same level of responsibility if there pet harms anyone, anywere, for any reason, just like gun owners.

      This means that if the dog hurts a burglar on your property, you’ll probably be fine, but you’re going to have to prove it just like a gun owner would.

      • tannhauser

        You are giving it too much thought… just kill these savage animals.

      • SK

        “Two things:”

        Oops. My math kind of sucks!

    • Bob G.

      I’ve owned Pit Bulls (or been owned by them) for the same amount of time. They are lovely animals, maybe that’s why Mark Twain always had at least two. Like Big Mouth Cowboy stated, though, we have to watch out for the killer Bichon-Frises.

    • Not a Barbarian

      Thank you! I’m glad there are SOME people here who actually have functioning brains rather than the closed minded, heathenish, know it all ignorance that I’ve seen running rampant on these comments. Applauding the death of any living creature is disgusting and says something about the person…not the animal. Makes me wonder how safe the world is with these lunatics in it.

    • Seattle Mark

      I’ve lived with dogs all my life. Various puncture bites, and 2 tetanus shots– No big deal. Last year I had my first encounter with a pit bull trying to separate it from a dog that it had “locked onto”. Now I have a permanent injury. Since then I’ve seen the same pit bull tear up 2 other well mannered dogs. Pit bulls are super nice to their owners and friends (most of the time). However, when the switch is flipped they become diabolically vicious, and don’t merely puncture and release. They seize hold and try to tear out piece of flesh (trying to maim). That’s why their victims often bleed to death. Sorry you don’t see the truth about this. I hope you are lucky never to have your pit bulls attack you.

  • JackBNimble

    The problem isn’t the breed, it’s the worthless white trash and ghetto trash that own them. They train these dogs to be killers rather than socialize them properly.

  • moonshine_68

    Most of these comments are from ignorant people. Unbelievable that they would praise this violence. I bet all of you call yourselves Christians. Do any of you really know anything about pit bulls or any dogs for that matter? All kids should be supervised around any animal’s. Some of the most vicious dogs are chihuahua’s but no one focuses on them. Stupid people may you get what you deserve a life full of stupidity.

    • Beth

      I’ve always had pit bulls around my 5 kids. Never did we have a dog bite them until we got a Chihuahua. I thought it was because she didn’t know us yet. We had to get rid of her cause she wouldn’t stop. To this day the only breed of dog my children want is a pit bull. I’ve never had a problem out of them, ext. the trash. Lol…

  • Rufus T Firefly

    It does not matter if it is a Pit or a Pom, any loose domestic animal should be removed.

  • Common_Sense96

    In England – these are considered dangerous dogs and owners cannot bring them out in public without a muzzle on the dog. This guy is a hero – I just hope he makes it quick for them……but if one attacked my tiny dog – or a family member – I would make it horrible for that monster dog……

    Breeding of any type of pitbull should be outlawed – they should all be sterilzed -and let this guy take care of the rest!

  • moonshine_68

    I applaud PitBullOwner’s comment’s – you hit the nail on the head.

    • tannhauser

      The nail should be put through the animals head, preferably with a nail gun.

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