Court is in session with Vandermeer and Lopez as they determine the fate of three listeners.  Do they get to keep or lose their man card?

marcjohn1 Man Card Court

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  1. Daniel says:

    Yes Rob, that seems like an accurate aysanlis of our current situation. Please consider other dimensions of this opportunity as well. I still am glad that we can point out the weaknesses of the article, and big media, in this public forum, and that we can insert a little of our well studied message in here too.PS Although the calls for accountability seem like they are having no major systemic effect, that can be said of our entire movement as well. However, I still think we should keep up our efforts to open minds to the truth and the facts in all venues, especially those with a higher profile. The power of the corruption in the media and the government is definitely something to understand, but beware of over-thinking about it in terms of bestowing a mantle of invulnerability on it, which can lead to paralysis. Contrary to my preferences, this is looking less like a sprint, and more like a marathon. Lemons from lemonade I am learning to be a more credible communicator in this protracted period of general apathy. I know, we got a ways to go yet, on both counts, but we can hold the course despite mistakes and setbacks..

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