Here is a list of common dieting tips that are shared with good intentions but have sinister results. These tips can sabotage your journey to rehabbing your diet. 

Can’t Go Wrong with  Enhanced Water,  Health Drink or a Nutrition Bar

The latest crop of enhanced bottled waters, energy drinks and health bars could be healthy in name only.  Many of these products contain corn syrup, caffeine, sugar, and artificial ingredients. With ingredients such as these, the consumer will only receive a  huge caloric load and a short burst of energy. The resulting crash, after the caffeine has worn off, can be even worse. Some of these bars and drinks are nothing more than repackaged junk food made to snare the latest health food fad consumers.

Some energy boosting health drinks claim they have as much caffeine as coffee. This could be a good thing if you don’t like sipping on coffee. This could be a horrible nightmare if you find yourself easily consuming too many small shots of high concentrations of caffeine and vitamins. High doses of caffeine can harm your heart and high doses of vitamins can prove to be toxic to your body.

When you need a healthy snack or drink, try reaching for foods and beverages with no processing needed for preparation. Then there is no question about what ingredients you are placing into your stomach.

Continuous Grazing

Eating without paying attention to hunger pains and topping off your already full tummy can cause weight gain. This is over eating and it will pack the pounds on.

Low Fat Diets can help keep the weight off.

Eliminating good fat from your diet can cause more health problems and actually cause weight gain. Consuming less fat will cause your body to store more energy in the form of fat.

 Body fat is caused by unused calories from any source of food. Vegetables, meat, junk food, fruit, juices, low fat labeled foods and most sodas can all be converted into calories and stored as fat until the body uses it as energy.

Good fat is nutritionally necessary. Your brain, cells and various organs use fat to perform their specific functions and as building blocks. There are fat soluble vitamins that are stored in liver and fatty tissues -according to Colorado State University.

Avoid Saturated Fat

In the 80’s we were told to avoid saturated fat like the plague.

Why you should not avoid it: Saturated fat can be found in some plants and animal meat. It is converted into energy by the heart, helps the body boost immunity, contains omega fatty acids for brain function and protects organs from disease. Saturated fats destroy microorganisms, viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites.

Foods with low or no fat require greater amounts of food to become full. Foods with fat in them take longer to digest, staves off hunger longer and requires a less amount of food to become satisfied.

Eggs, lard, organ meat, dairy butter, and pig lard are high in saturated fat. Enjoy these ingredients in moderation. To read an exhaustive article about saturated fat Click Here.

Eat Whatever You Want As Long As You Exercise It Off

 Fitness experts caution against exercising to work off excessively consumed foods. It requires a lot of exercise just to burn off a few calories. It is possible to cause your body to plateau and then shut down. You could possibly see no weight loss despite vigorous workouts.

Nutritionists and doctors recommend making meaningful long-term changes to what, when and how you eat to lose weight. Fitness trainers recommend improving dietary habits,  gradually increasing exercise routines and to find more ways to eliminate sedentary habits from your daily routine.

Juicing is Healthy

For years models and bodybuilders have hosted infomercials that touted the miracles of juicing.

The reality is:  “Juice is extracted from the whole fruit; the beneficial fiber is left behind. Regardless of how pure the juice, it contains no inherent properties that will make you healthier or make you lose weight.  Peel and eat an orange instead. Juice has more calories and is less filling.” – 

If you wish to drink your fruits, try smoothies or puree’s instead of juicing.

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