By SHAUN BIJANI, SportsRadio 610

Well as glorious as Saturday’s 31-10 victory over the Bengals was, it wasn’t 24 hours before reports surfaced that Texans defensive coordinator Wade Phillips was going to interview with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for their head coaching vacancy.

The reaction by many of the fans that I’ve heard and have talked to, are none too happy about the possibility that Phillips could be leaving, and why should they be? However, some fans can look at the situation, and understand that a man’s got to do, what a man’s got to do.

I haven’t done a ton of research in regard to this, OK I’ve done absolutely none, but I’d have to guess that head coaching opportunities for 64-year-old guys that have just had surgery on their gall bladder and kidney, and who knows what else.

This process shouldn’t be a distraction, as Phillips, if he interviews of course, would do so on Friday, after the defensive game plan has already been installed and executed in practice. The only way in my mind this is a distraction, is to the media, because we’ll be talking about it, and taking calls I’m sure from angry or confused fans. None of which I have a problem with, its sports, its news and it means something to all of us.

We, as a fan base here in Houston, have waited a decade for this team to put a group of guys on the field that were capable of rising to the occasion and play football when more than half of the league has gone home. We’ve waited and trusted in owner Bob McNair for a long time, that he had a plan, and had faith in a guy (Gary Kubiak) that many others did not.

The Texans have a chance to do something special right now, and Phillips’ desire to be a head coach again should not and will not be the reason it doesn’t happen.

A lack of execution and sloppy football, two things that the Texans did not display Saturday at Reliant, will be the reason.

This team is getting set to play one of the biggest games in Houston football history Sunday in Baltimore, and you’ve certainly got to have a at least a little faith in this ball club heading in, based on what brand of football they played this past weekend.

Big time players make big plays, and the Texans had multiple guys step up this past Saturday. The Texans seem to typically play with a different energy on bigger stages, the outcomes haven’t always sent us home chanting, “Texans, Texans, Texans”, honking our car horns or even wanting to fire the pit up again for a post-game tailgate.

What a stage it will be Sunday in Baltimore, just think of the possibilities!

Players like J.J. Watt, Andre Johnson (despite two drops, the 40-yard TD in the 3rd qtr showcased it) and Antonio Smith to name a few, are some of the players that guys feed off of and in turn, take their game to another level.

I would expect nothing less Sunday in Baltimore. The Ravens may be the better team, we don’t know yet, that’s why they play the games, but I’ve never felt more inspired about a group of guys heading into a game of this magnitude, lead by one hell of a man like Wade Phillips than ever before, even if he could be gone by season’s end, I’m gonna enjoy this ride.

What say you?


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